SpeakOut 9/26

Friday, September 26, 2003

Call 471-6636

If Harold Kilpatrick's family knew he was a troubled ill man they should have gotten him help. The police did the right thing by killing him.

I am looking for a musical candle. A friend received one from her secret pal and I really thought it was pretty. Please put a phone number in SpeakOut where I can find them. I would like to get several to use as gifts.

A family came by our house on Sept. 20 collecting money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They had us sign our name and address on a standard sheet of school paper along with the amount. Is this how St. Jude works, or were we taken?

A while back Mr. Food had a recipe for Drop Biscuits. Does anyone have it?

If you have access to the Internet, visit www.mrfood.com

It's kind of funny that President Bush is so close friends to Saudi Arabia's prince and his family. It's funny that oil and gas prices are so high, I don't understand. He is making millions of his oil bonds and we are barely making a living. Could that be a reason he doesn't ask for an increase in oil production? President Clinton asked many, many times that he release the oil. Why doesn't President Bush ask OPEC for an increase to kind of bring prices down before winter? Poor people who work for minimum wage are in a bind and when winter gets here, we're going to be in more of a bind.

I feel sorry for Bush. He's got into all this mess but he wasn't the one who started all this mess. If they had done it back in 1992 and 1995 when they did all the other bombing and killed all the other Americans, we wouldn't be in it now. But the Democrats are hollering that he's done this and that, he's for the rich and not for the working people. But the Democrats are all for give-away programs and stand up and say "it's owed to me, it's owed to me." The working people are the ones who are owed anything. If you pay it in, you should reap it; if you don't pay it in, you shouldn't reap it. I think it's going to come to that some of these are going to have to get out and work instead of depending on other people to feed them and make their living. It's time that people realize that it's the working people who are carrying the burden. When they get old enough to retire, they'll be just like all the mess today. They won't have enough to live on.

I know of a lady who has a small boy and a little child just a few days old and they are in need of bedding like blankets, sheets, pillow cases and baby clothing for a boy. If anyone has these items they would like to donate, please call 667-9036. I will explain when you call.

If anyone has newborn baby clothes they would like to give away, please call me at 624-1842. I would really appreciate it if anyone has newborn size and bigger for little boys.