Speakout 10/27

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I was reading in SpeakOut where people seem to be experts on the situation in Iraq. I've been there on the ground and most of the people are glad to see us. The majority of the people are going about their business. There are a few hot spots in the country, but most people are doing their everyday affairs. The majority of people in Iraq would like for this to be over so the American soldiers can go home and they can tell them themselves. I've seen our country divided over this situation. It's aiding power to our enemies. We need to stand behind our President and send our enemies a message: We intend to stay until this is over and give the Iraqi people their country back. And most specific of all, they want to protest that we are fighting for oil. I would like to see them quit driving their cars, flying in planes and live like we did 100 years ago. I cannot believe what they say. A weapon of mass destruction will not hurt anyone until the trigger is pulled and Saddam Hussein would have done that. He had already done that in his own country by mass murders.

I would like to SpeakOut against the person who called in about the garbage cans laying in the streets. It is not the homeowner's fault they are in the street. It is the garbage company that picks up the trash (usually hired by the city). It is also the garbage men who just throw the trash cans wherever they may land. I know this, for I have watched it happen on numerous occasions. So, if you have nothing else better to do than to gripe about something that is not even your concern, maybe you should put your application in as a garbage man so you can make sure everyone's trash cans are upright and in the right spots, so you don't have to see them lying in the driveways, roads, or alleys. The world would be a better place if people like you would put some effort in keeping our city and streets clean as you do in running your mouth.

I would like to respond to the idiot who said Bill Clinton left our nation in a mess. At least when he was in office, we had jobs.

I'm calling about "Break the law, enforce law" that was in SpeakOut. That is a true statement for Sikeston. I was pulled over for not using my turn signal. I was not given a ticket but did receive a written warning. When I was pulled over, when I left, I went to a Sikeston store. The same officer who pulled me over came into the turn lane. But he did not turn his right signal on when he turned. How can they stop me when he did the same thing? This is happening a lot because more people are calling SpeakOut. The DPS administration needs to tell their officers not to stop motorists for not using signals if they are not using theirs.

The person who was driving a sports utility vehicle and ran over the dog in our yard on Branum Street on Thursday, you were seen. The neighbor saw you swerve into the yard to run over the dog that was on the side of the road. We have a description of your vehicle. You have been seen and it takes a very low person to do something like that. You will probably pay for that in the longrun. I hope you're very proud of yourself.

Did you report this assault to DPS? The number is 471-4711 and all information will be kept confidential.

I am calling about the demolition of these old houses. There is one on Alabama Street that has been burned out for more than three years and they are using it for a dump. Why don't they tear it down? Is it because it's in the Sunset area? There are snakes and everything, old refrigerators, washing machines. They see it every day but won't tear it down.

How can I go about finding out my credit record?

Here are addresses, telephone numbers and website addresses to four credit reporting agencies: Equifax, P.O. Box 740243, Atlanta, GA 30374; (404) 836-2200 WWW.EQUIFAX.COM/

Trans Union Corp., P.O. Box 3000, Chester, PA 19022; (800) 888-4213 www.transunion.com

Experian, P.O. Box 2103, Allen, TX 75013; (972) 390-5000 www.experian.com

Innovis, P.O. Box 756, Columbus, OH 43216; (800) 540-2505 www.innovis.com/

Is Missouri going to be another Florida this election? My wife and I, and several other voters we know, have yet to receive our voter registration cards. We live in Scott County.

Call the Scott County Clerk at (573) 545-3549 or 471-9447 and tell them you have not received your card. Once they verify that you are registered, you will be issued a new card. (Scott County voters are not issued new cards every year.)

They put Martha Stewart in the pen for lying. But Slick Willie has lied all his life, even lied under oath, and he's still running free. Oh, but he was a Democrat, though. What a shame, what a shame.