SpeakOut 10/15

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Call 471-6636

The Democrats were really tough on Schwarzenegger and they said once you grope a woman you will do it the rest of your life. I guess they forgot the President who did worse than that, so I guess he will keep doing it the rest of his life. Do I have to say more?

I am calling about a house on Edmondson Street that has been under construction for two and a half or three years. Code enforcement officers have been out there but they have not made any progress. How long do they get to do these jobs?

SpeakOut can't answer your question, however Code Enforcement can. Call city hall and ask for code enforcement at 471-2512. For loud music, call DPS at 471-4711 to file a complaint.

It amazes me the things that supervisors/CEO's find to make new rules about. A CEO (not an owner - he doesn't like to be called an owner) of a company in this town, which likes to advertise that it is employee-owned and whose sales are declining on a weekly basis, has now decided that the employees in "his" stores are wearing too many earrings. So with all the real problems that this company has, he thought it was important to make it policy that the wearing of excessive earrings would result in an employee's immediate dismissal if they refused to stop wearing them. Excessive, in his opinion, is more than four in the bottom part of the ear and any earrings at all in the top part of the ear, or any type of ring on the face. While it is still a novelty to see people with nose rings, lip rings and eyebrow rings, it has long been socially acceptable to have multiple earrings and earrings in the top part of the ear. Now keep in mind that no one else was involved in this discussion - not a single board member or employee in this supposedly employee-owned company. My question to the public would be, "As long as you are receiving good, polite customer service, is it offensive to you as a customer if the employee has more earrings in their ears than this CEO thinks is proper?" And even if you aren't getting the service you think you should be getting, is it the number of earrings an employee is wearing that is upsetting you? I know that as an employee of this company, I would feel much better about my future if the supervisors/CEO would worry more about the real problems that this company has and not about how many earrings the employees have on.

To the postal people, I live on Pam Street and we are always last to get our mail and some days the mail doesn't run on our street at all. I thought everybody was supposed to have mail every day. This is getting ridiculous.

Have you contacted the Sikeston postmaster? The number is 471-5231.

Everyone goes on about the welfare office downtown. It seems like it takes them forever to send out information about whether they will be able to help you or not. It takes them a long, long time to send a reply.