Speakout 9/20

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'd like to speak out on the deal about in New Orleans and Mississippi. It is a tragic accident. It has been some of the worse coordination of our government that has ever been done. And Michael Jensen, you wrote the worst article in your paper that I have ever seen anybody write. It was pathetic. There are some people you cannot help. They stayed behind to loot and everything. And then they can't get their dope, and have gone absolutely crazy. As far as the Red Cross, we have taken things to the Red Cross and it has to be so and so. Let me tell you one thing people, if you want to send anything down there, and get it done right, send it to the Salvation Army. They will take care of it.

What has happened to the rights of earnest, caring respectable care givers? Now in our modern era, we have rights from the elderly for abuse in almost any form. But what appalls me is for the elderly to say a honest respectable care giver of true integrity has abused them and with these words an innocent love is destroyed. Those laws were made for a true victim, not for someone who didn't like the care giver's looks, or what they were cooked, or how their bed was made. People will go along with false accusations, be it the police, eye-witnesses. They don't understand the consequences they are imposing on another human being. My uncle is currently incarcerated in the Scott County jail, possibly to serve 8 years in prison, for false accusations of elderly abuse. Everyone who knows or whoever knew my uncle knows he is a good God fearing Christian who respects the rights of others and respects dignity of life.

I would like to speak out about the Sikeston Convalescent Center. My mother-in-law was in Hurricane Katrina. She's 86 years old and in a wheelchair. And my husband went down there to find her. He didn't think he'd find her alive but he did. We called the Convalescent Center and they had a room for her, and they even leant us their van to go down there and get her. We just want to thank them for that, because most people wouldn't go out of their way. She's doing very well. We just want to tell everyone about it.

I just went by the Garden of Memories Cemetery on Murray Lane. I want to thank the city guys for the great job they are doing. They've got it mowed and trimmed, and it looks really nice. I feel sorry for the ones having to do it, but they have it looking really nice.

I was reading the Bulldog Barker, Sept. 9 issue, where the refugees found a safe haven in the Sikeston-Miner area from Katrina's fury. Please remember, these are not refugees. These are United States citizens and as Oprah tried to get people to understand, they are evacuees. They are not refugees from another country. These are our people and we need to help them the best we can. Go to Aldi's and buy canned goods. Please remember, they are not refugees, they are American citizens.

I'd like to speak out to Mike Marshall and Mr. Ziegenhorn and you fellows. I saw on the front page of the paper where you guys are gonna find a prospective industry from down there in New Orleans to locate in that building. But you fellows didn't say one thing about housing for those people. That's one of the most important things. You got your cart before the horse. You better shop around and get the housing taken care of before you get those people up here. You've just half done your job if you get them up here with out having the housing lined up. It would be a mixed-up thing for sure.

In reference to the caller about working at the grocery store. You work nights and you can't afford a cell phone? Well, people are able to afford cell phones, even if they do get food stamps. Have you ever heard of a go phone? In regards to black people getting $300 or $400, well that is why this world is like it is today from people like you being prejudiced, nobody wants to be fair to anyone. You need to think about what you say. This is the kind of stuff that people need to let go of.