SpeakOut 3/26

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Call 471-6636

I read where the city is endorsing the candidacy of Mike and Harry because their political signs are on city property in the Recreation Complex at the end of Kennedy Drive.

My son had a bike wreck on March 17 on Broadway. I just want to thank the family that stopped and picked him up and took him to the emergency room. They sat there with him until we got there. You don't know how much that was appreciated. That just lets me know there are angels here on earth. Thank you very much.

I read John McMillen's letter to the editor. I don't know this man but he's sure got his head screwed on right. He knows exactly what he sees and knows the Clintons and exactly what they are. They are two of the biggest crooks and two of the lousiest people that ever came out of the United States. You couldn't trust those people and I'm glad there are others who see them the way I do.

This is to Rush Limbaugh. Where have you been all your life? I don't now where you've been, but God took your hearing and that mouth of yours, you are so overbearing and obnoxious, He's going to take something else. I hope it's not your eyes or speech or something else. Think about it.

I live in Vanduser and just want to let everyone know that they need to slow down when driving through town. This is a unique little town that needs to stay safe for our kids. People speed through here like a bat out of hell. They don't care. A little kid was killed a few years ago because of careless driving. People need to have a little respect. Every time I see someone speeding through Vanduser, I'm calling the highway patrol. For example, an 18-year-old person drives a gray and maroon Ford F-150 that has a homemade rack in the back. He needs to slow down before he winds up in jail.

I'm calling about the two young ladies who stole the ornaments from my yard that had the little butterflies on them. You know, they are only $1.50 apiece. If you would have asked me, I would have given them to you. Why did you have to steal them out of my yard in Morehouse. If I see them in anybody's yard in Morehouse, I'll know whose they are. I would be ashamed if I were you girls. I know who got them. It's a shame when you can't have ornaments in your yard.

I would like to respond to the man who lost his job after giving 36 years of service to the company. It sounds like discrimination. If I were in his place, I would be taking this to an attorney, especially if they cannot give him a good reason for letting him go. After that many years, the company owes him something. They should be totally ashamed.

In a recent SpeakOut comment concerning the After Hours Care Center at Missouri Delta Medical Center, the caller certainly had a different experience than myself. On a Sunday afternoon, three or four weeks ago, I visited the After Hours Care Center with an ear problem. Minor, though it was, I needed relief that day. I waited only five or 10 minutes and was then checked by a very attentive staff. My cost of the visit was approximately $35. I know if I had gone through the emergency care, it would have cost more. The person complaining about the cost and false advertising must have been treated through the emergency room because either her illness wasn't minor or the After Hours wasn't open. I am thankful to Missouri Delta Medical Center for the recent reopening of its After Hours Care Center.