SpeakOut 9/29

Monday, September 29, 2003

Call 471-6636

Good luck

This is to Brenda, the teller at the bank. I am so sorry you are leaving. We are going to miss you very much. We appreciate you and love you and wish you good luck in Texas. Thank you for being such a good teller.

Slug the slugs

With regard to the person having problems with slugs in the kitchen, it is more than likely a problem with the slugs crawling in under the plumbing and under the sink. Use ordinary table salt. Sprinkle a little around the openings under the sink when the plumbing comes up and that should take care of the problem. The slugs do not handle table salt very well.

I read about the slug problem you're having in your home. I found out this week on the Early Show how to take care of them. Take a plastic soda bottle and cut the top off and turn it upside down into itself and pour a little beer in it and sit it down where they are, they will go to that beer and it will kill them.

Customers' responsibility

I am calling in defense of Wal-Mart and the shopping cart problem. If people would just use a little responsibility and return the shopping carts to the return area, then we wouldn't have this problem.

After reading the Sept. 19 SpeakOut, "maybe, maybe, maybe," the person griping about the hired park attendants at Wal-Mart, pay more money, etc., if the dummies who take their carts out after spending hours wallowing around in Wally World would conveniently put their carts in the cart parking area or courteously take them back into the store where they got them, you wouldn't have to worry about the column. I read the SpeakOut and was amazed at every word, "maybe, maybe, maybe." Get a life and use a little sense there when you talk and carry on.

Beg to differ

I would like to respond to a Sept. 19 SpeakOut. I, too, am from North Dakota and I take issue with someone who purports to speak for all the people of North Dakota as the caller did. I, too, lived fairly close to the border and return to North Dakota frequently. Never have I heard anyone criticize the immigration officials in North Dakota as the caller did. I just felt called upon to speak for myself and friends and family in North Dakota who do not share the caller's view of the immigration officials in North Dakota.

Tutor offers service

I'm calling in response to the person looking for a tutor to teach German. I lived in Germany for a while and speak German. Call Walter at 471-7233.

OK, it's bowling season. Where are the scores? And when you do start putting them in, please make the print large enough this year so you can actually read them.

Yes! We will print the results when they are provided.

Who is the idiot who stuck those signs on the antique railroad caboose? That's the most stupid thing I've ever seen around here. It is a true antique, so let's leave it that way take down those soda signs.