Speakout 9/22

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am calling about the very small article in the paper about the East Prairie football team Friday night. Your sports editor needs to learn that it takes a team to win and a team to lose. If it wasn't for those other boys that played out there on that field, the boy wouldn't have scored the touchdown that he scored. We need to give credit where credit's due. There are 11 boys on that team. There is no "I" in team.

I would like to speak out to the person who wrote in and thinks that Sikeston has a fast lane and a slow lane. I've lived in Sikeston for many years, drove a truck in Sikeston for many years, and have never known Sikeston to have a fast and a slow lane unless they passed a new law. They have a passing lane that people use for a fast lane, and they drive too fast. You can't get out on Malone cause some moron driving on the inside is going as fast as they can go.

Hey people in Southeast Missouri, you need to take notice to what is happening to the people in New Orleans. If you see the disaster they are having there, what's going to happen if we have the big earthquake they have been predicting for years and years? We need to have our own emergency preparedness ready, as you can see our government is not prepared to help any type of emergency in this country. We need to change the government, change the system. We are not going to have any help here if we have the big one. We will have to help ourselves.

We New Madrid county residents understand the feelings of your Sikeston mayor toward the proposed New Madrid county sales tax. We feel the same way about the thousands of dollars that people from New Madrid, Lilbourn, Portageville, Morehouse, Matthews, Parma and other New Madrid county residents pour into the coffers of the city of Sikeston in sales taxes they pay to your various businesses with no direct benefit whatsoever. Your sales taxes were put in place with full understanding that those outside of your city would pay a large part of your taxes for the support of your city. We can't get excited about additional taxes, but have a hard time feeling that Sikeston would be mistreated by a favorable vote on this sales tax increase.

I went to take a package to a national store in Sikeston which is suppose to deliver packages. On CNN it was announced the company would provide a discount to ship to someone in Mississippi and Louisiana who had lost everything due to the hurricane. They are not honoring the discount. I think that it is a shame. If they say they are going to do something, they should honor it. Everyone is pitching in, but not these people, they only are interested in profit.

I went out looking for a job today. We'll see how much of a waste of my time it was here in a few days, if I don't get any responses. You go to the unemployment office, their systems are down, well the ones in the resource area are. Even though there are all those employees sitting there helping everyone out on their computer, not one of them offered to help me. They told me to come back another day when their systems are working. Well, unfortunately, I guess I'll have to go back there since I have kids to feed. I hope they have their crap together then. Afterwards, I hit a lot of places. I even had one man laugh and smirk at me; since his family owns the business, I guess he thinks its OK to laugh at those not as fortunate as he is. He said they don't even have any applications? Well, right there, his family lost my business and what a shame too. After him, I continued my search for a job. I know I went to about 30 other places besides this one. I was able to put my application in about half. The other half what a joke for employees they have! I have nothing against overweight people, so why do they have something against skinny ones? I'm sorry I'm so skinny and you are not. If you actually got off your butt and did some work or exercise, maybe you wouldn't be so fat! The women in this town are the worst! I think 14 out of those 15 places that would not take my application, the women were all fat! They were the ones who told me "no, we're not hiring." or "no, we don't have any applications." The whole time they've done sized me up! Now, my problem is, if they were the boss, I could understand them sizing me. These women were just cashiers. I guess they thought of me as competition. I don't want their jobs, just a job. I don't mind working beside an overweight person. Apparently though, they mind working against someone who is prettier than they are and someone not as large. You women go ahead and be that way to me and to all the other prettier women. Just remember, it's us who's out doing the shopping. As fat as these women were, I doubt they could actually walk 1/2 a mile! You owners and managers really need to start paying attention to these workers you leave in charge when you leave. You just might of lost the best employee you could of had. Not to mention, a lot of business. So if you're sales are down, take a look at who you hired! Maybe you should even think of sending your employees to some sort of a manners school! That was just downright rude the way they looked at me and talked to me. I will not be doing anymore of my shopping in those places.

I'm getting tired of seeing Miner Baptist Church plastered all over the grassy knolls all over town in Sikeston and in Miner. Let them buy advertising like everyone else.