Letter to the Editor

Your view: Animals say thanks

Friday, October 1, 2004

The Sikeston Area Humane Society would like to thank everyone who sponsored and attended our Summer Gala and made it such a wonderful success.

Special thanks to Richard and Christy Montgomery, Felecia Blanton and everyone on the planning committee.

Benefactors: Animal Health Center, Brad and Courtney Bedell and Blanton, Rice, Sidwell.

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. John Cozean, Mr. and Mrs. John Culbertson, Ferguson Medical Group, First Midwest Bank, First Security State Bank, First State Bank, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fuchs, Mr. and Mrs. John Fuchs, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hunter, Jarvis Motor Company, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matthews III, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McSpadden, Mitchell Insurance, Montgomery Bank, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Ponder, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rice, Dr. and Mrs. William Shell, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sikes, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steward, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Steward, Dr. and Mrs. Fred Thornton, Carrie Yansen, Noranda Aluminum, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dement.

Patrons: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bohannon, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gunn, Dr. Colleen Hunter-Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Piepenbrok; Spitzmiller, Hobbs and Bridger; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wooden, Dr. and Mrs. George Livermore, Dr. and Mrs. Doug Gotlin, Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Blanton, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Protzel, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Green, Dr. and Mrs. Linza Killion, Dr. and Mrs. David Tongate, Dr. and Mrs. Don Cento, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Burch, Dr. Jennifer Nickell, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barkett, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Elledge, Mr. and Mrs. Vince Draper, Mr. and Mrs. David Strom, Mr. and Mrs. David Dolan, Dr. and Mrs. John Kendig, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nunnelee, Regina Guthrie, Rebecca McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Huls, Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Potashnick, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson, Dana Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. John Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burge, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blanton.

The Sikeston Area Humane Society would sincerely like to thank everyone who sponsored, contributed, volunteered and helped in any way to make our first "Petfest" a success.

Sponsors: Fast Gas, Ag-Mart, Pullen Brothers, the Law Office of Rebecca C. Steward, Animal Health Center and Sikeston Motor Company.

Director: Sharon Lathum.

Committee members: Jerry Pullen, Michelle Fayette, Nelda Hodge, Kim Briscoe, Mia Bedell.

A special thank you to the Sikeston Jaycees for the use of the rodeo grounds.

Sikeston Area Humane Society