Speakout 9/29

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I would like to give away a rack of wood, free. Call 472-1946.

I've noticed over the past year or so that many churches in the Dexter, Bloomfield, Sikeston, Charleston, Portageville and Parma areas and other surrounding areas have not been putting their church activities such as homecomings, group singings with group's names, etc., in the newspaper as before. I love to follow different singing groups to different churches. Please all churches start announcing your church activities once again in the paper.

We beg to differ. The church listing of activities has grown steadily over the years and can be found each Friday in the Standard Democrat.

Mr. Cheney has just tried to scare the people. If there is a terrorist attack it will be because of Cheney and Bush if they get re-elected. I don't believe that they will attack if Kerry and Edwards get in because they are against Mr. Bush, they despise him, they don't like him. I think we will see more people dead then we do know. They all promise things before the election but once they get in they do nothing but draw their money and get a big retirement. I haven't seen a thing that Bush has done. I don't believe any politician. I have seen on the polls that the other nations can't stand Bush. I also think they need to dig deeper into Halliburton and Chaney. I think he is the biggest crook in the United States.

- - -

I want to challenge Mike Jensen and his paper about the Dan Rather thing that he put in the paper the other day. Apparently he is a Republican and I am a Democrat. I want to challenge him if Bush becomes president this year or for the next four years I would like him to feed me and my family because since he became president we are starving to death.

I was pleased to see that Florida's highest court determined that Gov. Jeb Bush violated the U.S. Constitution by forcing Terri Schiavo, a woman who has been in a vegetative state for nearly 15 years, to be kept alive by artificial means. When I hear some politicians railing against what they call "activist" judges, I wonder how they feel about "activist" politicians. Jeb Bush scoffed at the law of the land in order to garner votes from the pro-life machine. Shameful.

I read the article about kids and the head lice no nit policy. Well, let me tell you how a parent of a child can get rid of it. Use virgin olive oil. Actually cooking oil will work too and mayonnaise. Anything with oil will smother the nits. I had some friends in another state who had trouble with this with their children and I had asked a nurse friend of mine who works with kids a lot and she had told me that. So this may be good to pass on to your readers doesn't hurt to try. The "shampoo" at the store is a waste of money.