Speakout 6/22

Sunday, June 22, 2003

I want to thank whoever was in Wal-Mart on June 11 and found the $100 I had lost, and actually turned it in to the customer service desk. It meant more to me than you'll ever know. It is a reminder to me and should be to others that there is still at least one honest person out there who puts other people's needs first. I wish I could have thanked you in person. I hope this message reaches you.

I want to tell Dr. Roberts I appreciate him and as long as he and I live in the same town, he will always be my choice for a doctor. I have never had a doctor who will spend as much time with me as he has. I also want to remind people that gossiping is a sin.

This is a really country, at least for some people. I just came from Wal-Mart, where a seemingly healthy young woman loaded two shopping carts to almost overflowing. The end items I saw were large boxes of name-brand cereal, bags of bubble gum and candy and fresh strawberries. She paid for these items with a welfare card. When I got to the parking lot, I saw this needy woman loading groceries into a Lexus. It seems I remember hearing something about welfare reform. I must have been mistaken.

To the person who said about the humane officer, all you have to do is call the police department and they'll get ahold of him.

This in answer to the person who asked how to get in touch with the humane officer to get a stray animal away from your house. I called city hall and they were so nice. The officer came right out and set a trap and returned the next day when the cat had gotten in the trap. They took the cat away and I didn't have any problems at all.

We've heard plenty of the Missouri Highway Department's poor management of taxpayer dollars. It goes farther than the big boys in Jefferson City. Attitude: Has anyone not seen the four big chunks of concrete curbing at the Wal-Mart intersection? Would a highway department employee stop and move them to prevent a possible accident? I guess not. They have been there two or three months. Would a highway employee report it to the guy who picks up big chunks of concrete in the roadway? I guess not. Would a highway employee report his check lost if he didn't get it in a timely manner? I suspect so. Maybe it's not the big boys in Jeff City. Maybe we have local employees who have become state employees and don't give a damn.