Letter to the Editor

Your View: Tribute noted

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello. My name is Christie Anderson (Wood) and I recently visited Sikeston because my grandfather, Herman Wood, was very ill with cancer and passed away on October 29th. His funeral was on November 1st at Ponder funeral home and we then drove from there across town to the Memorial Park Cemetary near the old mall.

My husband and I were moved to tears several times by the resepct and courtesy shown to the prosession by the people of Sikeston. The people, both in cars and on foot, stopped and showed their respect to us all without showing an ounce of frustration, not seeming to be upset that my grandfather's funeral might make them late for the meeting or appointment they were on the way to. They put their cars in park and waited patiently. There was even a police officer standing at parade rest at the intersection of Malone and Hwy 61...what an honor!! We would never see such a thing where we live for such an "ordinary" man. Certainly for a police officer or a firefighter; surely for a military person; but not for a plumber, a farmer, a beloved father and grandfather. So, thank you, Sikeston, for showing my husband and I that there are still people in this world that care for more than just themselves!! God bless you all,

Christie & Jeff Anderson, Prescott, AZ