SpeakOut 11/9

Friday, November 9, 2007

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As a pastor of a church here in Sikeston, I am calling about The Christian way, one of your Speak Outs written about how a local pastor of a church was making fun of immorality. Well, if you will look, immorality is everywhere to day. It is very wrong to judge people. If we were all to be refused by the way we look or the way we act, none of us would be saved. We ought to be thankful that we live in a nation where we can still worship God freely. As far as immorality goes, immorality is everywhere not just on your television. It's not just to do with homosexuality. There's more immorality going on in this world than you know. But to look at someone and say they are this or that, anyone can change for God. I myself am a testimony to that. And people do need to read their Bibles and get in church. But to call names to somebody who is different, Jesus wouldn't do that and we shouldn't either. Everybody should realize that we are not to judge and be thankful that we have a life and in a nation that is able to speak freely. But it's not worth freely speaking if it hurts others. Be careful what you say, what you do. Every time a Christian makes fun of someone else, it's a blemish to Christ. Do not judge.

You know, we the American people, we are stupid. We blame our politicians because we lose our jobs, they've been sent to other countries. And we have to blame the politicians to a certain extent. But we the American people, we're the ones that buy their products. We're buying all this stuff from China that's coming into our country that's unsafe. This Christmas, when we go and buy our Christmas gifts for our loved ones, anything that's not made in America, don't buy it. If it's made in China, boycott that country and don't buy any of their products. There would be many jobs in this country. Not only the Christmas holidays but every day of the year. Twenty years ago China was a poor country. But now, China is a wealthy country because America is buying all their products. We're building up their military, their nuclear program. Let's just use common sense. We all complain about not having any jobs here in this country, losing good jobs. The big companies are moving out of this country for lower wages. Let's just boycott made in China and you watch the difference in the job rates here. Unemployment will be much lower, insurance will be lower, good benefits for you and your family, retirement. Let's blame ourselves. If we wouldn't buy their products, the jobs wouldn't be there in the first place.

The caller who keeps calling in and accusing Bush of lying, I think he must be a Democrat. I just wonder how many times he called into SpeakOut when Clinton got up there and said,"I did not have sex with that woman." He lied. And also, what about Paula Jones? He had to pay her off. Looks like they need to get somebody in their decent, and not another Clinton in there. If I was voting, I sure wouldn't vote them. I think they kindly need to look who they are going to vote for instead of holding up for Clinton and putting Bush down.

Mike, this is ole Rocking the boat again. It's amazing to me all the response I had in SpeakOut about women pastoring a church. In today's SpeakOut, the item about when I hear a so-called Christian point to their version of the Bible for the proof of the superiority of men over women, it brings to mind an old saying. The devil can quote scripture to suit his purpose. This only shows this person's true knowledge of the scriptures. Please tell me what page that's on in the Bible? This rocking chair started out asking for scripture only about women pastoring the church, not about men's superiority over women. And as of yet, there's not been any come in. Over across the river, they have a panel of men and questions are called into them asking where it showed in the Bible a woman could pastor a church. I happened to be watching it two different times. They have a panel of four pastors and a pastor who is the mediator of the program. Every time its been on there, they said it's nowhere in the Bible that allows a woman to pastor a church. I don't know where these people are getting their argument from. No one has answered my question yet. Thank you for being so kind and printing this.