Speakout 9/12

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is to the people who called in about the cops in Bertrand. I understand your point of view, but kids shouldn't be in the road riding their bikes. And if they're that young, they shouldn't be by their selves anyway. I know you don't have a cop, but your kid shouldn't be out in the road. You should be out there watching them. You need a baby-sitter. I'm a mother myself and I watch my kids.

I see where Governor Blunt visited Sikeston the other day. He said that there was 85,000 jobs created in the state since 2005. Well, I'd like to know where. Everything you pick up is made in China, Taiwan or Vietnam so I don't know what he's talking about. If you go down Siemers Drive in Cape all you see is foreign made cars. From what I understand, there's still a lot of people unemployed in the state. They can't even get help to pay for their medicine or their hospital bills. I don't think he's done a whole lot for the state since 2005.

To the party that wrote Lazy Americans, I don't think so! I think the Americans sweat for almost everything they make here. They're sending all the jobs overseas. I don't think there's many Americans that are lazy. Our forefathers fought against these people that are taking our jobs. They shouldn't have all these foreigners over here anyway. They have their own country and should stay where they're at.

I'd just like to say the only reason the foreigners, these illegal immigrants, the only reason they have these jobs is because these employers can pay them $1 or $2 an hour and not minimum wage. That just goes to show you how dumb illegal immigrants are for getting out there in 110 degree weather and working for $2 an hour. I know that's true because I work on a farm and there's a few out here with us. I'm making $9.50 an hour and they're making $2.85 an hour. When I was a teenager, my whole family picked watermelons just to survive and have food on the table. I love my watermelons. Way to go, keep picking them.

This is to Josh Mills. I like the way you write.