Speakout 7/1

Friday, July 1, 2005

This is response to the person who called in about police at fault. It is my understanding that the reason they were down on Ruth street is because there was a fight going on between some people. I don't think it was the police that threw the rocks that hit the police, it was the people involved in the fight or even those people just standing there watching the fight. Before you know what is going on, don't start talking about it. If you have no idea, prove that the police are doing people wrong down there. Show where they deserve to be hit with the bricks. Get your facts straight.

* * *

I was just reading the article in the paper today about police at fault and the cameras being on Branum Street. This person's article said it was the police's fault for being in the riot and that the police were always picking on people out there. I just want to make it clear that if the people were not gathered around in groups of five million or more the police wouldn't have to come down there. If they weren't causing trouble, they wouldn't have to come down there. So if they don't want the police to come down there and do what they call "picking" on folks, then they should stay in the house and obey the laws and not break them and not crowd up. As far as the cameras are concerned, if these people weren't acting out and acting like fools day and night then we wouldn't have to have cameras. If they weren't acting like kids we wouldn't need a baby monitor or cameras either. I don't think it is a waste of tax dollars because that is what we pay the police officers for - to keep us safe. If they can't effectively do their jobs because of people like this, we need to do something. I think the police officers are doing an awesome job.

* * *

This is to the "police at fault caller." I think maybe you need to go back to school and learn some grammar. First off, gettin' is not a word. It is getting. Hittin' is not a word, it is hitting. The police did not go down to Ruth Street to start a fight, they went down there to break one up and to quit people from loitering and destroying everyone else's property. So know your facts before you call.

I'm reading the June 20th edition of Speakout. I had called in and said this is for my son, not Michael Jackson let's moonwalk, not David, my son.

In reply to "Parents Shouldn't Play" from June 3rd. Obviously you weren't at the NMCC Project Graduation because none of the behavior was sinful. The school does not sponsor the event. It was sponsored by a few parents of the classmates. The only teachers who were present had kids in the class. That is the only reason they were there. The school has nothing to do with it, therefore parents have to be there. They are the ones who make Project Graduation possible. I was there. I didn't see any of the parents playing games. Any students who wanted to participate in games was given the opportunity. It was up to them whether or not they won a prize. From what I saw at Project Graduation all the kids seemed like they were having a great time. The game participation went very well. Everyone seemed like they left happy although tired from being up all night. I hope that the support for Project Graduation will not be hurt by the comments made by someone who obviously doesn't know very much about it. The attendance was very good, almost every classmate was there. I hope every class in the future will do as well. Let's continue to keep our kids safe on graduation night.