Speakout 12/22

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Information please. I need to know, they have passed a new law about the birth certificates to get your license. If you didn't have one, or your parents didn't make one or whatever the reason, I need some information on how to go about getting a birth certificate. Way back in the day, they didn't make birth certificates, just writing it down, even if you were born in the state of Missouri. But I need some information please, if you can.

We contacted Terry Cole at the Sikeston License Bureau. If you have a passport, you can use that instead of a birth certificate. If you don't have either a birth certificate or a passport, you can take documentation into the Bureau (military papers, social security cards, etc.) and they will give you a telephone number in Jefferson City that you can contact that will assist you in getting your birth certificate. Cole said he would be glad to assist anyone that is faced with this predicament. Southwestern Bell inadvertently omitted the telephone number of the Bureau from the phone book. It may be reached by calling 471-3160.

Trash, trash trash. What is wrong with our residents in this area? People aren't too lazy to go into McDonald's and purchase a soda and sandwich, but they sure are too lazy to dispose of their cups and paper in proper places. What do visitors think when trash is blown and laying in the yards along the streets? Happy holidays.

Fact. Cruelty to animals is a strong indication of a bad and a potentially harmful attitude toward human beings as well. Given this fact, and if you as Editor and Town Booster, wish to clean up this town and make it presentable, and if you really want to save dogs lives this winter, you need to state frequently and unequivocally in the most prominent places in the paper that it is, IS the law, that dog owners provide their dogs with a warm shelter and extra water and food at all times, especially in winter.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. Isn't it grand to here someone say it and really mean it? For the few that might not know, we only have Christmas because Christ gave us our Lord and Savior who was born on Christmas Day and He was called the Christ Child. The problem is, there are a lot of major businesses out there, who I believe have gotten too big, to remember who helped them get that way. I know for a fact that God's love and riches have provided them to opportunity to get their wealth. So Wal-Mart, Lowe's, grocery stores restaurants, be careful. Don't take Christ out of His birthday. Please, please put Christ back into Christmas. After all, it is His birthday.