Speakout 9/11

Sunday, September 11, 2005

There seriously needs to be an article in the paper on how to safely enter and exit the parking lot for the License Bureau and the businesses surrounding it. I have watched drivers come and go for quite a few years and have never seen so many idiotic, inconsiderate people since the License Bureau moved to this location, how ironic. These people obviously need to take the eye, written driving test again. The in and out signs are big and clear enough for people to see , but you'd be amazed at how many go in the out and get upset because they think you're in their way, especially the elderly. Not condemning the elderly, just stating a fact. There have been accidents and near misses of vehicles and people being hit because they drive too fast or are not paying attention. People need to check their vehicle over carefully before entering one of these businesses because there may be damage to it and the person responsible either drove off or will act like they didn't do it. I'm really worried what is going to happen when the parking lot is iced over. I know this isn't the only parking lot that this stuff happens at but, this particular parking lot is very cramped and people need to be very alert when entering and exiting. Thank you, An employee of that area

King George

Little King George has been determined since he was first elected to go to war. Why? Only he knows. Now that he has accomplished that goal, he is determined to stay. The report now is that we will be there until 2008 or 2009, probably longer. Why should he worry, he will be back in Crawford living the easy life off his oil profits while our men are still over there dying and being wounded. Speaking of Crawford, it seems he is headquartered in Crawford and goes to Washington occasionally. How many thousands of dollars does that cost us taxpayers since he takes a small army with him then I'm sure it is costing plenty. Maybe when he leaves office he should go to Iraq and relieve a soldier or Marine so they can come home. The polls all show his popularity and actions are all contrary to the American public. His opinion is that there is no way, absolutely no way, he could be wrong. Maybe he is just too stubborn to admit it. Most people are of the opinion that those people have been fighting for who knows how many years and will never stop. If he has a conscience I hope he can live with it.

I work at a local grocery store and I can't understand how every person has food stamp card and a cell phone. I have to work midnights, I can't afford a cell phone. I just want to know why our country doesn't make these people go to work, like I have to do. I work every day of my life and I can't make ends meet. I'm trying. The elderly gets $10 a month, these black folks get $300 and $400, why is that? Why is our country coming to this? I don't like it. I want to know how they can afford a cell phone?

Whoever wrote about the person about Social Security and being disabled, maybe someday it will happen to them. For real and maybe they won't be judging people so harshly. Maybe this is a jealous person and maybe they will slip and maybe someone will talk so harsh to them. Would they like that? For someone to say you are faking it, you are not sick? You can't move this heavy thing or get out of the hospital you are not sick. Go away. It reminds me of someone I used to know and I don't want to know them no more. Some people are very hypocritical.

To report suspected price gouging on gasoline call Jay Nixon's office toll free, 1-800-392-8222. We all need to work together to get this stopped.