Speakout 7/13

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

After reading your story on the number of complaints you had concerning the Garden of memories owners not complying with the contracts of headstones and other things going on. Our mother passed away on October 18, 2004, and they haven't to this date put in the things needed on her headstone. You think that these people would have more compassion for the families and not

have put them through more grief, than have already has been caused by the death of a loved one.

There are two adorable people-friendly, nearly grown female kittens at 947 Cambridge in Sikeston. One gray and white, the left behind. Will someone please give them a good home? Call 472-2712. I will meet you there.

I saw something here in East Prairie Saturday that I couldn't believe. They have been selling raffle tickets to win a convertible, a car over here for $20. Today, when I was up town they were selling the same tickets they sold me for $18. I think that is unfair, I think that is wrong and I think they should never have done it. The people who bought the tickets for $18 should be ineligible since everyone else has paid $20 for the tickets.

Mr. Commissioner Lucas do you really believe that Charleston needs more housing? I would like to hear you explain why we need more housing. In 1942 we had 63 businesses operating in Charleston. Then something happened, urban renewal, public housing, EPA and welfare came to town. They closed our stores, tore down our buildings, and destroyed our town and they fattened a lot of pocketbooks. Young farmers farm your land. We are a farming community. We always have been. Please keep it that way.

I was calling because I think it is totally wrong that people can't even have sparklers on the Fourth of July. I think the city needs to loosen up on their rules because I think the City of Sikeston is a little too strict.

I just got finished reading a Speakout about the burning of the fields and farmers driving their farm equipment on the road. Well, I suggest these people who complain that if they like to eat, they would shut their fat mouths.

After spending 30 years in the service of this great country I sometimes forget all of the freedoms that I'm supposedly enjoying like having to remove my shoes before boarding a plane or having to present my birth certificate to get a driver's license. Please remind me occasionally of all these freedoms that I fought so hard for.

Will the person who took the angel from the corner of Indiana and Ralph Street on the night of July 3 be so kind as to return her. She means nothing to you, however she holds special meaning to me. If you find it in your heart not to return her then I ask that you take care of her. May she bring you much happiness and peace of mind without guilt. God bless you.