Speakout 4/10

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Terri Schiavo died today. She lived 13 days after they the feeding tube was removed by the hands of crooked judges and attorneys and an adulterous husband. Anything for a buck, right, even murder. Oh but wait, it isn't over. The powerful men that made these decisions will answer to God and God is the judge over all things. There is no higher power than God.

I am a patient of Dr. Roberts, have been for years. If anyone wants their charts they can go to the sign on the door, there is a number to call. I appreciate and admire him for taking care of what he knew was wrong. I admire him for that for by denying it would have been a mistake. So don't judge him because there are doctors and lawyers that have to seek help. Admire him and pray for him.

- - -

I called Dr. Roberts office and they told me he would not be back and I had to go to Ferguson Clinic to get another doctor to sign a form from him to get my records from Dr. Roberts.

Mr. Jensen I would like to address this Medicaid mess. A lot of people need this but there are some that are young and simply won't work to pay for treatment. They get food stamps, hearing aids, eyewear, dental service and don't pay a dime. A lot of this should be investigated but who could you get to do this? The welfare office is not going to do it, they are a lot of the problem. They are not going to turn a lot of people down. They have to have bodies to keep their jobs so these offices are the ones to investigate. A lot of these people on Medicaid should be made to pay a token payment. I am on Medicare and I have to pay $78 a month plus I have to pay $150 a month for a supplement policy. I personally know some young people who are on Medicaid who wouldn't get a lick at a snake if it had anything to do with work. I am with Gov. Blunt. Cut their butts off. Start with the welfare office. Comment on this Mr. Jensen.

Will the person who had the 60 bricks for sale please put his number back in the paper. I forgot to write it down and I would be interested in buying them.

I think the principal who whipped the 11-year-old grandson on March 22 I think he should be whipped on his bottom just like he did the little boy. I do think he should be arrested for child abuse.

On Feb. 10 I called Senator Bond asking his thoughts on Social Security privatization. I got a letter back today and apparently he is in favor of it. The letter says this at one point, quoting Sen. Bond now: "As we explore possible solutions we must remain open to all options including giving young people the choice to have a portion of their Social Security taxes in their own personal accounts in higher yielding investments while ensuring the benefits for current or near current retirees remain as the programs are administered through the current system." That sounds like to me like Christopher Bond agrees with the president that we should destroy Social Security by diverting federal taxes into personal accounts. So I hope everybody understands that. Personal accounts in Social Security will destroy the system and our senator thinks that Social Security private accounts should be on the table when there is any sort of reform contemplated. I think that is wrong.