Speakout 8/20

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This is a Sikeston resident. I attended the rodeo tonight and happened to see an usher taking a tip from someone who was from out of town. I really didn't think that they could do that. That's their job and I don't think that's right. To all you kids out there that volunteered, it is your job to seat these people and not take their money.

I want to know where my article is at? I mailed it in and it's about the illegal Mexicans in this state that was reported by the FBI. I mailed it in two months ago and it has not been printed and I want to know why? I want it printed and I want it printed before the election. I kept a copy and I know when I mailed it to you.

I am p*%^d that America wants to have a cease fire with Lebanon and the murderers within that area. We have to go in and kill Hezbollah. If we do not we have failed. That is more important than Iraq. Get off your #%$ Bush. And I am a Republican.

I'd like to comment about farmers. I've worked for farmers in the past and I've never seen bigger cry babies. You do notice they all live in fine brick homes, drive new trucks after the first of the year and their wives drive new Cadillacs or Lexuses. Keep giving them farm subsidies so they can go buy them a new boat too.

Is there anyone in the Sikeston area that builds picnic tables? Well-

constructed picnic tables, please.

I wonder what the state of our national security would be today under a Democratic White House and a Congress? If the Democrats would have won the Congress and the White House in 2000 and 2004, we would have no security. The latest terrorist plot would have killed thousands. How about the war in Iraq? No WMD's would have every been found. By the way, why is the media so hush hush about the fact of over 600 WMD's being found in Iraq? Huh? The point is the world war on terror will never be won by a Democrat in the White House or a Democratic Congress. Folks, we are in a world war. Democrats, wake up. Get your donkey heads out of the sand. Stop politicizing this war. World wars I and II were won by unity behind war presidents Wilson and Roosevelt respectively. The terrorist Islamic fascists started this war by slamming jets into the twin towers and our Pentagon.