Speakout 4/21

Friday, April 21, 2006

I would like to know if anyone knows who owns the field at the end of Edwards Street. I would like to know who owns it so I can report them to the EPA for the smell and the sewage and for whatever else they are holding down there.

I just read in the Standard-Democrat that the people in Wyoming and Iowa are getting their medicine so cheap. How come we didn't get a deal like that in the state of Missouri, supposedly it was nation wide? I have paid $7 for generic and $30 for all of my other prescriptions, which is a lot more than what I was paying when I had an insurance. I would like to have something cheaper. I'm paying more for each prescription than I was paying for my insurance that I had. I would like someone to put an answer in that I could understand better.

Hey, if you don't have anything else to do, come over to the west end. We can play music as loud as we want, drink and drive, don't use child restraints. We live the life of Riley and they can't do anything about it, because we're gonna do whatever we want to. Sometime when that right policeman is over here we get stopped, but he can't work 24-7. So you old fogies gripe, we gonna do whatever we want to. Ha ha ha.

I'm calling about the person who was griping about the person buying cigarettes and beer with the food stamp card. For your information, before you jump somebody you better get on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you. What I was buying was food for my mother. That was her food stamp card. The cigarettes was for my sister. She asked me to pick them up for her since I was going that way. Instead of beer, it was root beer that I bought for my kids. And I paid for that myself with my own money. Next time you think people are getting free money, why don't you ask them before you start blowing off your mouth. My mother in 78 years old and she is entitled to some food stamps.

Do you know what you call an unemployed Mexican? A United States citizen.

I'm just calling to say there is an employee that worked at Goodwill, I think his name was Rocky. I wish he would come back. He was great with the people and a lot of the people down there liked him. He was good with the customers. I hope where ever he is, he'll do good, because he is a good person. I just wanted to say thank you Rocky to the help you gave us and to the customers while you worked at Goodwill.

Let me tell you something folks, this E85 is not a silver bullet. I got a truck I burn it in and I get 12 miles per gallon using E85 and I get 19 miles per gallon using gas. Show me where there's any savings. I guess you're helping the heavily subsidized farmer, but you're not helping yourselves. It's just not there. It goes through there like a dose of salts. Burns all right, but it burns a lot of it.