Speakout 6/19

Saturday, June 18, 2005

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God is my light -- but you are my mirror. I look back and I see you watching with pride, my first smile, my first footstep -- I see as I grow, your thoughts, this is my little girl, I will help to guide her to teach her respect, to love, to be kind and now Daddy, I am slowly growing into a young woman. You are still my mirror to help me pick the young men to date, and one day, to choose the man I will marry. Daddy, the kind of man you are, the love and respect you show my mom is the only mirror I have to guide me to pick the man I will want in my life forever, and how I will expect him to treat me. Thank you, Daddy. I love you -- your little girl! Happy Father's Day!

You clowns and your lawn mower pollution. Is that what you get paid for? You should be out of office if that is all you have to do.

This is to the person whose car was stolen at Burger King. Did you leave your kids in your car accidentally or do you have a habit of leaving your keys in your car? I have an older car and I take my keys out and I even lock it cause if anyone wants it they are going to have to fight to get in it because I'm not going to let them get it. I even lock it in my own driveway. I'm sorry you lost your car but it is your own fault.