SpeakOut 12/14

Friday, December 14, 2007

Call 471-6636

I'm calling to thank DAEOC and the Homeless Shelter. My family and I were homeless about six months ago, due to an economic decision and mistake of myself. They reached out to us. They didn't judge me but helped us. I have six children and it's hard to find housing. They reached out to us and not only helped us with housing, but with clothes. They are reaching out to this community in five counties and they are making a difference. They made a difference in my life. I have nothing but great things to say about them. Thank you DAEOC and Merry Christmas.

I read and really applaud the person that wrote that article. It is about time we start to speak out on these important issues. No, the African American will never be allowed to have the freedom to hire an employee that is not black. I know this will never make it to the SpeakOut written part, but anyway, I am glad someone sees what is quietly and slowly happening to the African Americans. It's not just Sikeston, it is in nearly all these family-ran small towns that have all the city halls, court rooms, police and sheriffs departments locked down by family operating. The word qualify only means who you are related to in that particular town. If the towns "allows" the African Americans to have their own business and etc., who will clean the houses, house the jails, be in the court rooms, be on that famous news team KFVS 12. (Every town has a story about the white only.) How will the towns get your grant money and God forbid, who will they have to blame and point a finger at? The plan is behind a close door changing, but not for African Americans. Someone missed being master. And the crimes and drug selling, they love it. It only keeps them in control and with a job. But who did the ultimate crime of all? African Americans never stole people. The only way a change will come is stay out of the pockets, let the places be empty of African Americans. It would be another Cairo shut down.

< i>I don't agree with your thoughts, but I'll defend your right to express those thoughts.

Thank God Don Imus is back. Does anyone know where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson work? If so, can we get them fired?

I have enrolled in the office technology class in the Sikeston Office and Technology Center. If anyone is interested in expanding their computer skills or other office skills, this would be a great way to expand their horizons. I know that I can do things in a office now that I wouldn't have been able to do five months ago. If you want to upgrade your skills and resume, I would whole-heartedly suggest that you check into this as soon as possible.