Speakout 4/3

Sunday, April 3, 2005

This is a question about Dr. Roberts. We are trying to get information about him but all we can do is find a sign on his door. Some of his older patients would like to know if he is coming back. If not, please put somebody in the office so we could pick up our charts and find someone else because we have been without a doctor now for three months. This is not fair to his patients. They need to put something in the newspaper or call his patients know something.

I wanted to Speakout about dog owners and taking their dogs to the neighbor's yard to do their business. I think they should keep them in their own yard particularly when you know your neighbors do not have a dog. Every time my neighbor comes right straight over with their dog to my yard and my shrubs and flowers I just think that is a rude thing for a neighbor to do.

Getting the feeding tube removed from Terry Schiavo has been a distraction for the liberal left. Soon they will be able to go back to more important issues like abolishing the death sentence.

I have a complaint about the Humane Society. Recently I was up there to see about adopting a dog and when you walk in the smoke from cigarettes about knock you over. I was up there about 15 minutes and when I left I was just smelling really bad with smoke. I don't they should be allowed to smoke in there. It is not good for the animals. I hope the person who is running it now is capable of running it. There should be no smoking around the animals so when people walk in they can't even catch their breath. Please publish this the dogs and cats need a good place.

I have an elderly grandmother. She is 85 years old and she is on disability and she can't afford these chairs. She is needing one really bad. If anyone can help, please call 481-0933.

We don't live in free society, never have and never will. We have left our rights be taken away from us. Serve and protect that is all it is suppose to be - serve and protect.

To "Looking for Company" in Speakout. We are a group of people who enjoy music and dancing, no drinking or smoking at different places which are clean. He can call me and I will tell you about it: 472-0155.

I would like Speakout about the fire chief of Miner - him being a code enforcer and a building inspector. If he wasn't qualified then how come he passed Lamberts? How come he passed Skinny's? He did the rest of his job properly. I find this letter I got, I'm kind of irritated about it because I believe he is qualified to do it. He has been doing it for a year and these two businesses alone, the inspections he made on them, prove he was qualified.