Speakout 3/23

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'd like to speak out and praise the Morehouse Fire Department and Police Department on our storms last week. We had power lines down, trees across the street and it was a total mess. My wife, who is disabled, is on oxygen. Without electricity, she could not have oxygen. We were down to two bottles of oxygen. The police and fire department ran their fire department truck behind my house and ran a line behind the generator on their truck to my house and saved my wife from having no oxygen because we could not get out of our house. Trees were blocking the lines. Without them, a bad situation could have been a lot worse. I appreciate their care, their concern and their efforts in keeping my wife from getting very, very sick. I just wish my employer could take a few lessons from them. Thank you again. They are true heroes in my eyes. They went above the call of duty. May God bless you all.

Mike Jensen, you rascal. I see in your March 16 issue, you have signed your name to an editorial that is actually an e-mail chain mail. That is what you have printed. Those people, they applied for federal assistance. Jeez. Your journalistic standards are lacking Mike, they're lacking. Try to do better in the future.

The portion of the editorial was in fact referenced as an e-mail.

This is to the person who has the skin disorder. My kids had the same thing. We had to use a certain kind of shampoo. We went to Dr. Joyce Reed at Ferguson Medical Group. It's a fungus. There is no cure but it can be treated.

- - -

To the lady who has the itching and breaking out, tell her to go to Dr. Roberts. I had the same thing and he gave me a shot of cortisone and got rid of it.

- - -

My son has something similar to what you have, but I made a mixture of neosporin and baking soda. It has really helped him and I hope it helps you. In the meanwhile, I strongly suggest you see a doctor. Semo Health Network will work with you on a payment based on your income.

- - -

This is to Scratch the Surface. If you will put your number in the paper, I have had something like this and I think I can help you. I think I can solve your itching problem.

I'd like to speak out about people losing these things that they need on Medicaid. I had a housekeeper, but she's gone now. I can do my work. I've always done it. It don't matter. I can get out, run around and go where ever I want to anyway. Give them housekeepers to someone who needs them. These people that just runs around, has parties and just visits all day long, they could be out helping someone else instead of out getting all the help in the world. I think it should be given to the people who need it and the ones who don't they should be out doing the work. It's not right to give people housekeepers and them out running around the whole time they are doing it, sometime gone from daylight until dark. I know several of them. Mine got took away from me. But that's alright, I'll make it.

To the person who responded that a murderer is a murderer, you are innocent until proven guilty.