Speakout 11/3

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Pets need a warm bed

I would like to speakout about these people that lay up in their warm beds at night time and let their little animals lay out without a dog house, a place to stay warm. They lay out in the cold, shiver and whine and carry on wanting a warm place. And, there's no way they can help their little selves. I don't see how anybody can sleep. There ought to be a law against people owning little animals and let them lay out in the cold and the damp weather like they are laying out in and them laying up in the bed in a good warm place.

I agree with the caller concerning traffic westbound on Malone at Selma. Cars will illegally go by on the right hand side toward the airport not even bothering to signal or stop. I'm amazed there's not wrecks there everyday.

I am not really a fan of President Bush, but let's all hope and pray that he lives to serve out his term. What a scary thought that Dick Cheney would ever be president.

I see more and more charges in court for endangering the welfare of a child. If I were clocked doing 80 mph in a 70 mph zone with a one year old in the correct car seat, could that be determined as endangering the welfare of a child? What if I was doin 90 mph? When does it become a crime?

Anytime you break a law, it is considered a crime.

I have been putting this off long enough. The employees or boss of Sikeston Street Department, or whatever name you go under, you are NOT doing your job. Many people who have property next to the ditch between Pam and Crowe Street have asked that the ditch be cleaned out many times. It fell on deaf ears. Oh yes, they pretended. They sprayed up from the bridge on Ables Road so you would think it's okay. A man with a very honest face told me they were going to clean it out all the way. Well, that honest face was deceiving. After four or five weeks, they have not even started. As I said, they sprayed so far up from the bridge. They cleaned the cemeteries, for which I appreciate. My husband is buried out there. Now, it's time to do what our tax dollars are paid for. The other two ditches are kept clean. We pay our taxes just like they do. If you think it is cleaned out, just come to the seven houses on Pam and Crowe, then you can see the mess. Hope someone cares enough to do their duty.

Now do you see why our President didn't cap off the oil prices like the other presidents did? Check in to what he owns in Texas.

This is Chief Sheron from Bell City Police Department and I would like to thank the lady and her sister for the article that she put in there. My department always tries to help anyone who needs it. I really do appreciate it.