Speakout 4/26

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A recent article about genetically modified rice had some fascinating quotes in it. "We're pleased that they're moving 120 miles from us." That from a man in Bernie, along with another reference to the rice being 120 miles away from commercial rice crops of Southeast Missouri. The article identified this rice they are calling "120 miles away" as that rice being planted near Chaffee, MO, not somewhere in central Illinois. Bernie is less than 40 air miles from Chaffee, and all of the Southeast Missouri rice crop is much closer than 120 miles. Heck, St. Louis is less than 120 miles from Chaffee. But then I guess the writer of the article and those being quoted must have gone to "Government Schools" where they learned how to pass a test instead of think. In case you are wondering, I went to Government Schools right here in Sikeston, and a very small number of my teachers really taught me how to think and to challenge statements such as these

when so many others are just nodding their heads.

We have done nothing but praise the police department for their wonderful job in getting the illegal drug traffic under much better control in the last two years. The noise ordinance is still in effect but the police department have started their warnings and ignoring the seriousness of this problem. I live in between the northend and the southwest area and they are running us nuts here so can you imagine living in the westend? We don't dare to take a Sunday nap or even try to get a decent night's sleep if we don't put our windows down and have to run the air conditioner about a month or two before we actually need them. Please will the police department consider watching this more now that it's warm weather? I'm not able to do yard work or sit in the sun but I know that it's very difficult for people to enjoy the outside if the problem is as bad as it seems to be getting. Thank you Sikeston DPS for all your hard work, we do appreciate you all very much. You did a great job last year on the noise ordinance.

I was watching TV the other day and saw Michael Jackson, an alleged pedophile, defending himself against his accuser's charges and enduring public ridicule and vilification. On the other channel I saw Cardinal Bernard Law, a known and proven protector and provider for pedophiles, celebrating mass at one of the world's holiest places with the public kneeling at his feet and kissing his ring. This is a strange world in which we live. The sheep keep following, mindlessly.

In Speakout a woman complained of not having a leather coat, rings on all her fingers and old women going to the beauty shops to have their hair done while they were receiving Social Security. She is looking at the wrong things and is envious of what others have. Be thankful you and your husband have a job. You are blessed with a husband and children. It's OK to dream but don't worry about why you don't have. As for the old women going to have their hair done I don't have to explain to you why I go but I will. I like to look good and have my husband tell me I am still beautiful at 72 even if my fingers on both hands are crippled and I no longer have a job. I hope you achieve what we have. We will celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary next month. God bless you and your family.