Speakout 6/29

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I need help concerning the incident that happened on June 8 in the prescription aisle when I was sitting on the bench and waiting for my prescription. First of all I want to thank the individuals for their concern. Please contact me 471-7136.

Mike, how come you stopped throwing out the ads on Wednesday on East Cypress in Charleston? Was it because I canceled my subscription?

Sorry! We'll address the problem.

This is in response to Sikeston High School Class of 1985 Reunion. It is July 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Clinton Building in Sikeston. The class picture is at 7 o'clock. $25 per person or $50 per couple should be mailed to: SHS Class of '85, P.O. Box 96, Jackson, Missouri, 63755 before July 20. Send address update to ragingbear@charter.net.

I'm the one who called in about the clean-up at Gemeinhardt elevator. I mistakenly called it a gin, sorry about that but I just wanted to pass on a compliment for the town and some people seem to be unable to let a compliment go. I still am proud of Matthews and keep up the good work.

This is in regards to the June 20th proposal to raise taxes on tobacco. Thank you American Lung association who needs to raise all this money for who knows but let's get out here and clean up these people who are burning wheat fields, people who are burning tires, people who burn toxic materials because the county doesn't have a law against it. Of course there is no money in cleaning up the air, the only money is in the people who have a little habit of smoking a cigarette. I wonder how many tons of cigarettes it would take to match the smoke of one burning wheat field? I have been smoking for 50 years and I'm tired of hearing about people griping about my feeble little cigarette hurting them.

* * *

Instead of raising the "sin" taxes on cigarettes and liquor, why don't we raise the taxes on Bibles instead?

I called several days ago and for whatever reason it was never published. By the time it was the Wacko Jacko had joined the crowd with O.J. Simpson. It seems like all celebrities, especially blacks, can do anything and get by with it.

In Monday's paper someone asked how a landlord can kick a family out after 30 days notice. As an ex-landlord I can tell you, it is the landlord's house. Do you owe rent? How many months are you behind? A landlord has insurance to pay, taxes to pay even if he has the house finally paid for. I myself have rented. I was never a day late with my rent. There were times when I didn't eat what I wanted but my bills got paid on time. If you don't pay your electric or your gas bill, you get shut off. Why shouldn't you move if you don't pay your rent? Even if you have paid your rent on time, which I doubt you have, maybe he wants to sell the house, it is his right.

* * *

This is in response to the June 20th piece titled "Question." You wonder how you can be kicked out of your house well you fail to mention whether or not you paid your rent or not. Landlords, property owners have bills to pay they have to put money to repair your property and whatever. If you are not paying your rent why should you stay there?