Speakout 2/22

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I don't know why Cheney and Bush should get treated any different than any other people. Bush should be impeached for eavesdropping and Cheney should be impeached for shooting a man. If it were one of us, we would get life in prison. This way we could get rid of two birds with one stone.

I see where Jo Ann Emerson had a big meeting out at the Clinton Building. Big farmers letting them know they might get a dollar less on their welfare. I didn't know it, but I got to looking and they get more welfare than any other outfit or any other human race. Back when I was a kid, you didn't get those subsidies. That's why those subsidized farmers drive those new trucks.

I've reported this before and I'm going to report it again and I hope somebody can do something about it. Up here at Grant City they got so many dogs that just run after the cars and the trucks. Somebody is going to get hurt or killed one of these days because every time you pass these dogs are out in front of your car. I've had to stop many times to keep from running over them. They need to get a dog catcher or somebody out here to pick these dogs up.

Why should Cheney get a pass and just have to pay $7? He knew, or at least should have known, that an additional stamp was required if he was an avid hunter as had been stated. You or I as an ordinary hunter, at the very least would have had to pay a fine. Another thing, why was George Dubya so anxious and willing to spend billions on the air industry but says the automobile industry is not entitled to any help? The price of gas has hurt the automobile industry, but still he says Exxon is entitled to make $36 billion in profit. I feel sure that part of that is in oil probability lining his pocket. Why else would he make such a stupid statement? By the time he leaves office we will probably have a bankrupt nation.

This is a concerned citizen of Sikeston. I would like to know how the City Council and the City Government can allow a halfway house to go in to a residential neighborhood that is under a Christian per say atmosphere and not let the people that live on the street know that it is being put in? Now maybe perhaps the landlord didn't know who they were renting to or perhaps they lied to the city about this type of situation. It's my understanding that there's drug addicts, alcoholics and God knows who else living in my neighborhood without me knowing about it.

There was a public hearing, but just one resident voiced any concerns.

Just wanted to comment about the new fountain spray at the park. It's beautiful. Thanks for bringing that to our town.

I would like to speak in support of President Bush. President Bush has supposedly had his picture made with the latest Washington bad boy. But you know the thing about this president is, he is so people friendly and so for the underdog. He has his picture made with everyone. I bet he has thousands of pictures made a year. And all the little pages and legislative assistants that work in Washington, all of them get to have their picture made, and anyone who visits gets to have their picture made with the president. This is a very people-friendly president. He's made a lot of folks happy by posing for these pictures and I'm proud of him. I just wanted to say that we love our President. Please give him a break.