Speakout 3/6

Monday, March 6, 2006

This is in regard to your neighborly folks. A public meeting? I beg to differ. I am a homeowner on this street, have been for several years. I did not receive any type of information to attend any type of government meeting or receive any letters about this halfway house.

- - -

This is for the neighborly neighbor. I would like to know when the meeting was and why I was not notified?

A legal notice for the only existing facility that could be described as halfway house - the House of Liberty at 509 Ruth Street - ran in the Friday Jan. 13 edition of the Standard Democrat announcing a public hearing before the Scott County Commission at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 19 at the Scott County Court House. If you are instead referring to the low-income boarding house that someone was attempting to establish in another neighborhood - which is not a halfway house - city officials have already informed the would-be proprietor that such a facility is not permitted there.

I am very concerned about our water situation here in Sikeston. I've lived in lots of towns and states, and I've never encountered water problems like we have here in this city. The constant rusty water. My number one concern is for medical reasons. Talk about clogged arteries. When this happens I think we should have a report and the water tested. If it leaves stains on your clothes, imagine what it does to your body on the inside.

"We actually had a series of operational problems at our treatment plant over on North West Street," said Wayne McSpadden, operations manager for the Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities. "We had what's called a 'filter breakthrough.'" The rusty-colored water is "not a health issue - it's an aesthetic issue," McSpadden said. The problem has been corrected "and we hope it won't happen again," he said.

In response to "Go Granny...noooo stop" I'm a 70 plus driver and for God sake, stay out of my way because I'm drunk 24/7. And I will find you. Have a nice day.

In response to the comment of whether I would rather go hunting with Cheney or take a car ride with Ted Kennedy, I would prefer that Ted Kennedy take Bush AND Cheney for a car ride.

Our mail carrier, Corey Cates, who we all love dearly, was attacked yesterday by a pit bull dog. You people who own any kind of mean animal need to keep them locked up in your house. The person who owned that dog should have been arrested and put in jail and this mean dog should have been put to sleep right then and there.