SpeakOut 11/12

Monday, November 12, 2007

Call 471-6636

I was wondering how come the Goodwill has Wal-Mart and Dollar General Store prices. My family donates items there and we donate them to help others. The prices there on many items are not reasonable.

If anyone has a used guitar amp that they would like to donate to a very small church in Wappapello, please call 380-9731.

Mike, I was quite impressed with your Hillary Clinton quotes which you had ready at the helm. It got me to thinking about George Bush quotes, so I looked into it. There are so many to choose from that I hardly know where to begin, but I did find one consistent quote that always appears in every speech that he reads to us: "Duuuh.....errrr.....uhh....abbadee, abbadee, abbadee."

This is to the kid or children that stole my Halloween candy off of my porch tonight. Shame on you. I left my house for about 20 minutes tonight and left my candy out on the porch with a small sign that said, "Please take two." It was all gone when I returned. I hope you children enjoy that candy. You are much more fortunate than I am. Shame on you. There are other children that like to trick-or-treat and the candy was for everyone. But, maybe it will make your teeth rot. Happy Halloween.

This is in reference to the article, A job well done. People are always calling SpeakOut, thus the title SpeakOut. They are entitled to their opinion, no matter what the subject.

I was wondering why Ryan's Steakhouse is closed. Is this temporary or is it permanent?

The close is permanent. No explanation was provided.

In response to No age limit in the Oct. 31 paper. It is my business and everyone else's if a minor is having sex. The law states that the age of consent in the state of Missouri is 17, but sex with anyone under the age of 14, even if consensual, is considered rape. Anyone committing this kind of rape, even a minor, can be tried as an adult. These laws are created for a reason. Colleges, psychiatrists, physicians and surgeons all agree children and teenagers are not emotionally capable of handling this kind of responsibility. Truthfully, most young adults don't deal with this well either. The fact that you seem to applaud willfully creating a child in a fatherless situation shows how truly selfish you are. A child needs much more than a mother's love. Apparently it also needs my tax dollars for food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Those are the things your baby's daddy isn't willing to pay for.