SpeakOut 12/27

Thursday, December 27, 2007

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I'll speak out a little louder and a little more clearer. You've never printed anything I said, never printed a word. I'll try one more time. You guys are very selective in what you print. You pick and choose everything. So that means you decide who you want to help. Who makes you God? There's only one God. I guess He is the only one that's going to help me and my son. So don't worry about anything else. I'll just give him the one present I have. And as far as the food and anything else, that'll be taken care of too. Thanks for nothing.

With the winter approaching and icy and snow-covered roads, I think the state ought to get into action and make it a law that if you live 10 miles or more from your employer, you should be able to stay home and you should not be fired. That is not right for someone to risk their life to go to work when they are there all the time anyway. It should be a state law that your employer cannot fire you or write you up if you're late or don't even come in at all. There's a lot of people losing their lives because they're going to work on these snow-covered roads because their employers don't have any sense and tell them to stay home.

This is in response to your Dec. 13 column, It's a mess. Let me tell you something. I've lived at Virginia Pines Apartments for seven-plus years and it's the nicest, cleanest and safest complex in Sikeston. We are proud of our premises. If you have a problem with something not working in your apartment, it's taken care of in a timely manner. And as far as the trash, there probably is some thrown on the ground. Because personally, the ones that are doing this don't respect anyone or the property where they live. So if everyone would put their trash where it belongs, then you, the tenant that complained about Virginia Pines Apartment Complex, wouldn't have anything to complain about. Thank you and get a life!

I want to thank the Truckers for Kids. They are the most wonderful organization. They have made my grandchildren's Christmas wonderful. People need to donate to Truckers for Kids and they are just wonderful people.

No one works harder than Joyce Meyer. She works all the time and all her children work very hard. They do a lot for a lot of people. I don't think we should begrudge them having a nice home. I don't think they would win any more souls by living in poverty. As long as they're giving to missions and other people concerning Christ's ministry, I don't think they should be criticized.