Speakout 5/8

Monday, May 8, 2006

I am a concerned citizen and have lived here for many years. I just moved back last summer. The state of Missouri is a very bad state to live in that you cannot get medical help here. I think that's very bad because most states will help you if you are a low income family. This is a state I would not recommend anyone to move to. I need surgery and I can't have it because I don't have medical insurance and I can't afford it. I really don't think that's right and I really wouldn't recommend this state to live in.

I cannot believe you people still employ this idiot. I read his column in Wednesday's paper regarding the Dexter coach and the apparent doom that will befall all coaches due to interference by parents. As far as I'm concerned, there's NOT ENOUGH interference...wait....INTEREST by many parents regarding student athletes and those that are charged to "coach" these kids. Many area coaches possess less maturity (irrespective of their age) than their players. Tantrums, poor sportsmanship and abusive attitudes have little place in high school sports, yet we see the aforementioned exhibited year after year in all venues. I have endured the foolishness that Moore has printed in the past. I have endured the kudos he lavished on the North County athletic program a year or so ago, you remember those lovely folks that were so welcoming in their football stadium several years ago, the Sikeston fans needed a police escort to escape. I endured his "#1 Teams" with his caveat that the team was comprised of players HE had actually witnessed perform at their particular sport, irrespective of what other coaches and sportswriters thought. Moore's unprofessionalism has set a new high watermark in sports "journalism" in Southeast Missouri. Nobody asked me, but Moore needs to find another position. He probably should become a politician. His inaccuracy and inability to make sense would fit right in with the Washington crowd.

I'm tired of Chris Moore's crap about the Cardinals. He's in the wrong part of the country to be talking about them. This stuff about the Cubs fans being the best in baseball is crap. When is the last time you have heard Cardinals fans boo when a player strikes out or errs, which happens quite a bit with Cub fans? Why do you thinks Cardinals fans like being in St. Louis? I'm guessing Moore is just another disgruntled Cubs fan or he just wants everyone to dislike him. Chris, you are not going to change anyone's mind. All you do is tick people off. So why don't you just shut up and stick with the high school stuff?

There are many comments about Christians and churches in SpeakOut. If you want to go to a good church, go to Temple Baptist Church on the corner of Jaycee and Jackson. You will hear a good sermon and we aren't stuck up. You can wear jeans or a suit or anything you want to wear. God loves you regardless of what you wear or who you are.