Speakout 1/24

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is in regards to the carts at Wal-Mart. You can go to the office and get a complaint slip and mail it in to the company. What they need to do is have a form filled it out by disabled people and issue them a card. Then only the ones with cards would be able to ride in them. I know a lot of people who get on them are not disabled. So, that's what you need to do, go to the office.

This is to my so called friend in SpeakOut who defied my analogy of those venomous, hate-filled, predictable, hypocritical, select few Democrats. I never said all Democrats and you know it. My so called friend objected to my analogy of bigots like him behaving like a serial rapist, telling their victim to lay quiet and be still and act like a lady so he could freely act like an animal without protest. Kind of like Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick. Hey friend, you show us how small your brain is by saying my analogy is way off base, and giving us an exact demonstration of my analogy by threatening me and telling me to shut up and be quiet and name calling. Then trying to set yourself up as a paragon of virtue and knowledge. You're just plain silly. Keep talking and exposing your lack of intellect. You're a great example. By the way, my IQ is 135, what's yours?

Yesterday we celebrated the holiday for Martin Luther King and that's okay. There's no problem with that. It's my opinion if anyone deserved to have a holiday in their name, it should be Bob Hope. We the older generation, have wisdom and knowledge about the many, many years Bob Hope was always there entertaining our troops. He did this for 30 or 40 years. He sacrificed the time away from his family to always be with our military troops. He was a great, great human being. In my opinion, Bob Hope should have a national holiday for him. We respect this man so much. We had children that he went over to entertain and he did this until he was up into his late 80's. I would like to see the government think and meditate on this and consider making a national holiday for Bob Hope. He was a true human being. He did so much for our country and our military troops in his lifetime and we miss him. You have so many entertainers today protesting the war in Iraq, but you don't see any of them giving their time to entertain our troops. There's been a few, but they have been very, very few. We just want to say, "Thank you, Bob. We hope you are in peace today." Thank you for printing this, and keep up the good work in the SpeakOut column. We really enjoy reading it.

I think in the last election I may have made the biggest mistake in my life by voting for George Dubya. Eavesdropping and doing whatever he wants to do in the world and these phone conversations. I know I made a big mistake. And I wonder when it's time for the election next time, if he will allow the other party to eavesdrop on anybody's conversations they want to. Would he approve of them listening to his conversations? After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

How long will the post office accept the 37-cent stamp on letters? I mailed one that didn't come back.

The new postage went in to effect Jan. 14, 2006. You may have had a nice postal worker that kicked in the extra two cents.

The Rev. Pat Robertson has hoof and mouth disease. He should be quarantined.