Letter to the Editor

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Jan. 13, 2006 a Seminole County, Florida Sheriff's actions based on bad intelligence resulted in the illegal immoral shooting of an innocent 15-year-

old boy. The sheriff's swat team responded with lethal force without the consent of the majority of the student body. (They didn't even ask for a vote.) They unilaterally took it upon themselves to bully their way into a preemptive strike. They should have sent in negotiators. Violence should have been the last resort, not the first option.

If they had just not acted like cowboys and let the weapons inspectors do their work, they would have known this innocent boy had no lethal weapons of destruction. Just because this innocent teen threatened his fellow students with what they thought was a 9mm handgun, these "police state" thugs just over reacted in their ineptness. I'll bet Halliburton is behind all this if the truth be known.

It sounds just like something George Bush, Dick Cheney and Carl Rove would do to get rich. Why I'll bet there was probably oil in that teenagers back pack, and George Bush, Dick Cheney, Halliburton and "Big Oil" sent in that swat team under false pretenses to get it. They launched an illegal, immoral war against this poor little boy based on a LIE! That's the same thing they did to poor ole Saddam isn't it?

That's all Saddam did was just wave around his handgun and rifle shooting them in the air, acting tough. So what if he had his military shoot at our airplanes over the no fly zone, and gave safe haven to terrorists. So what if for 10 years he thumbed his nose at the U.S. after we stopped short with our initial arrest warrant based on his promise to disarm and cease hostilities toward his neighbors and us. So what if for 10 years he repeatedly ignored orders to drop ALL his weapons and step back. So what if he gave every indication that he still had weapons of mass destruction and was bent on keeping them and using them against us as soon as he got the opportunity; and now this innocent little boy in Florida?

I think they need to launch state senate hearings to impeach that sheriff in Seminole County Florida and put him in jail. And they need to investigate to see if Jack Abramoff donated any money to that Sheriff's campaign. I know George Bush is behind all this. I just know it!

John McMillen