Speakout 12/27

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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In response to Buck Smith's lengthy diatribe to the editor Dec. 19, 2005, in which he deceitfully camouflaged his political disagreements in a warped epistle: Mr. Smith, did you go to Washington? Are you a leader of the National Democrat Party? Have you been plotting with the New York Times and CBS News, MSNBC, CNN, et. el. to sabotage George Bush's sincere and honorable effort to defend America against Islamic Jihadist Murderers? If you have not, Mr. Smith, then you are way off base in your rambling attack on my humble, but passionate, SpeakOut comments. In the very first paragraph, I plainly stated those were words I wished President Busch would say to that conniving, scheming, rabble which is the National Democrat Party Leadership. They are the kind of people you described who conspired to have Jesus Christ murdered. They have assassinated George Bush's Character and Integrity for the very same reasons; jealousy, hatred and political disillusionment. They are who and, what, I clearly addressed, and why. You responded just like Democrats always do, by doing exactly that which you accused me of doing. I did not judge you, until now, because you judged me, a fellow Sikestonian, and you found me wanting. Didn't you? You attacked me because you didn't like what I said connected to the word "Democrat" and you went into offense mode. Well, here's you mirror, Mr. Smith, judging you as you judged me. You didn't like me talking about Democrats the way Democrats talk about George Bush and Republicans. I bet you relish it when Democrats do that to Republicans. Do you, Mr. Smith? Why haven't you ever written this paper attacking "true hate speech" that has stunk up the pages of SpeakOut for the last 20 years when Democrats attack and demonize Republicans? Different when it comes you way, isn't it? But, then again, I did not address any fellow Sikestonian, and certainly not you, until this response. You made it plain that your political beliefs trump your spiritual beliefs. Have you ever written any other letter in this paper defending Christ or God against the relentless onslaught of attacks by atheists and left wing radicals? Did you write any other presumptuous epistle chastening your Democrat comrades for their over the line hate speech? And, instead did you sit in your recliner and chuckle, or maybe applaud it, or maybe even give out a war-hoop, like Howard Dean? You agree with atheists and left wing radicals, politically, isn't that it, Mr. Smith? You accused me of being a religious bigot. I did not address your religious beliefs (until now in response) in any form or any other Sikestonian's religious belief. Unless of course you happen to be an Islamic Jihadists Murderer masquerading as a Sikeston Resident and a Christian. If you are one of them, then I WAS talking about you. And I am calling you out. If not, then I was NOT addressing you. You say you didn't dodge the draft? Big Whoopee! I did not dodge the draft either! Neither did George Bush! Would you like to repent from that lying implication, Mr. Smith? I hope you do have a very Merry Christmas, Mr. Smith. But, maybe you should just stick to drinking straight Kool-Aid, as it appears whatever Democrat mixture you've been spiking it with is causing you to hallucinate. You erred also, by the way, with your quote, "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it" when you ascribed it to an American Founding Father. That quote was by "Volataire," "The Father of Enlightenment" of the 18th Century French Revolution" fame. Karl Marx, Communists and Socialist Democrats all "perversely" imitate "Voltaire Philosophy" so I can see why you confused him as one of our founding fathers. This is the same group of "perverse" imitators and interpreters who came up with "Separation of Church and State" by the way. So, I guess that was just a Freudian slip, uh, Comrade Smith? Oh, and by the way, this is December 2005, not 2006, as you referred to it two times in your Scarlet Letter. Apparently, you thought it would be December 2006 before anyone could finish reading your lengthy sermon. Was that it? Keep on writing though. We enjoyed the entertainment. Oh, and No harm intended by me, either.