Speakout 4/27

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Out on a limb

I just got my paper and read SpeakOut about this lady in New Madrid and I feel so sorry for her. I'm just like her. There is no help for you when you try to live right. I live alone, too. I have children who come and help out once in awhile, but otherwise I have no one. As far as neighbors, I don't have neighbors. The only time I have neighbors is when they want something. They can reach their hand out and take anything that is free, but they don't want to turn their hand out for you. I feel sorry for this woman because I know what she is going through. There time is coming and they will get what they deserve. If they get to Heaven, they are going to wish they had helped out someone who couldn't help their self. If a tree would fall on my house like it fell on hers, it would be there 'till the house rotted down because I have no one to help me either. I feel sorry for this woman. If I was where I could, I'd find her and help her what little I could. I am 80 years old but I would do my best to help her a little bit, more than more of her so-called neighbors are doing. Like you say, the cliques are everywhere. I wish somebody would go help that poor woman who could do it.

Cellular welfare

To Nose Problem. You say she can't afford to take her kid to McDonald's. Bet she can afford her cellular phone. What do y'all think?

The donkey drill

Well, almost $70 a barrel and the Democrats won't let us drill for no more. I guess we'll have to go back to the donkey or the mule, whatever that Democrat emblem is. Go back to them. Run all these cars back to the junkyard and go back to them. That is the Democratic way.

I cannot believe how careless people are behind the wheels of their vehicles. I have had so many people pull out in front of me and I have been in wrecks and I would really appreciate it if people would just stop and think and look both ways before they would just pull out. There are so many wrecks that could be avoided. It really disturbs me because of the carelessness we have in this town. I often wonder as I drive down Malone where the policeman are at. It happens all the time, speeding, as well as pulling out in front of people. I just don't understand.

People that are able to work need to work. I hear bosses say that people that are working only want a few hours so they can draw food stamps. If they work more hours, they can't draw as many. Also, I hear they have their girlfriends living with them and using their food stamps. If they are living with their parents, and they are paying rent, the parents need to turn in that rent each year for taxes. Parents aren't doing that. Governor Blunt wants to save money. Here's how. Food stamps should only be used for cheese, peanut butter, crackers, bread, macaroni, etc. Kids love peanut butter and macaroni and cheese and it's healthy. Parents don't. Food stamps should not be used for ham, shrimp, fish and pork chops. Working people are paying for these food stamps.

Last December I lost a Cadillac key with a keyless remote entry. If you found it, please call 620-3925.

Josh Bill - his verbosity is an atrocity

Nobody asked me either, but I agree with Chris Moore. Southeast should have hired Jay Spoonhour.

We have a big problem with emergency care. I will not name the institution but I can name the problem. That would be the doctors. They are the problem. They sit on their @*%$ while people are hurting and often times suffering. I hope that some day they have to sit and wait for treatment when they are in pain.