Speakout 1/26

Thursday, January 26, 2006

If you want to have a better dog, you will just have to be a better **** person. That's a direct quote from a friend to author, John Catts. I think it's a pretty good quote.

We're calling because we want to do something about the new strip mall. We think they should bring in Old Navy instead of Aripostle and Hollister. We are bigger folks and you can't get no clothes at those stores after we've done paid to have it built. We would be out of luck. Those stores are for all those little skinny people and the majority of Sikeston is not little people. We're big people and we're big eaters and we need bigger clothes. Besides, Old Navy is cheaper. We need some new CD stores, too. The same music around here is not good. If you're going to spend our tax dollars, you need to let us know about it so we can possibly vote on what is brought to this town. They are already trying to take our Social Security and now they are building stores that we can't even shop in. Come on.

Good afternoon. This is a comment on Martin Luther King Day from a mayor in New Orleans. How come a man that is a public figure can call people down there chocolate and say that this town is only made for the blacks? If this is not a racial statement! If the whites would have said that it would have been called klan. But it's okay for a black mayor in New Orleans to say that God wanted that town to be black. He should be barred from being any type of political figure. I know our politics are messed up. With his racial comment, I guess it's okay for certain racists to make that kind of comments, because the law is on their side. And also, talking about the handicapped parkers that they charge $2. I don't see where that's wrong. Some of us have had to pay extra for some other benefits. $2 is not out of line, especially for special parking. I appreciate it. That mayor's apology won't be accepted and I hope that Mardis Gras falls flat on its ****.

I'd like to speak out about how every time you pick up a paper to try to find a place to live, we're good decent people, it's always, No pets, No pets, No pets. I have a little dog that is so clean and so neat and she's like 11-years-

old. I just want you'ns to know that I am still waiting for my dog to die before I can rent a decent two bedroom apartment. I think it's a dad gone shame that no one can rent a place because they have a little animal. It's really a shame that people have to be this way. You know, they can check references if they want to on these animals to see if the animals are clean, just like people. That's all I have to say.