SpeakOut 12/4

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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I live on Ingram. Beware of roofers. I just had a brand new roof put on my house, $3,500, 10-year warranty. They did a lousy job and they will not come back to fix the problem. Parts of the roof have already blown off and the roof is only two months old. The phone number has been disconnected and they have no address. So please be aware of roofing companies.

There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, between the Neo cons and the Neo libs. They are two wings of the same dirty bird, new world order vulture, which will snatch every Constitutional right away from you and will steal your hard earned money and personal property and call it taxation. Leaders of the religious right are endorsing GOP candidates for president who are weak on traditional moral values such as abortion and homosexuality. African American Christians are told to vote for Democratic party candidates who take no Biblical stand on abortion and homosexuality. Christian Americans, whether black or white, male or female, let's get the dirty bird Democratic Republican party off our backs and vote third party or Independent. Tell the politicians that you've had enough.

To the person who thinks anyone with a high school education can teach, you are wrong. A person with 60 college hours can only substitute teach. If you think a high school educated person is just as educated as someone with a four-year degree, you should really consider going back to school yourself.

- - -

This is to the reader who spoke of the No Child Left Behind law and made the statement about how many hours was required too become a school teacher. The last sentence was that most high school graduates know as much as someone with a college education. This person is sadly mistaken to think that a high school diploma gives you the same credentials and understanding as a person that has been to a four-year college and gone through student teaching. This person has been the reason why the No Child Left Behind law has been enacted. For sure, this child has been left behind. Go back to school. Are you crazy?

I'm calling about the article that was on the front page about the man who broke into someone's house and robbed them at gunpoint with another guy. Then he posted $75,000 bond, got out and went down and threatened the people. The cops came and he wouldn't come out, which should be another felony charge. Then they take him back and establish a $50,000 bond. He'll make that too. Evidently he's got access to some money. And then he'll go back down to the house. So when does it ever stop? Are the people going to just have to shoot the guy? Evidently he's working for the police or they wouldn't keep turning him loose on such small bonds like that. If you had an ounce of crank, they would set your bond at $100,000. This man is dangerous and they keep turning him loose. Something is wrong with Scott County.

This is in regards to the SpeakOut that was in Nov. 20 about the churches helping people. We are a church that helps people and we will be reaching out shortly to assist. There will be a contact number in the paper very shortly. Please don't judge our church. We are a very Christian-based church, and we are proud of it.

When I called the other night to SpeakOut, there was a misprint. I didn't say anyone that was a high school graduate could be a teacher. I said any high school graduate could be a teacher's aide. All they do is run off papers for teachers and grade papers. I think any high school graduate that has any common sense could surely do this. I don't know who changed the law. I think high school graduates could be teacher's aides.