Speakout 12/16

Friday, December 16, 2005

Today is Wednesday Dec. 7. There are eight births in the paper. Four are unmarried parents and only one mentions a job. I don't see how the government is going to support all these welfare children forever. I have seen cases where the unmarried father has a job, but won't marry her, and still messes around with the girl because he knows she can collect welfare. Why take his hard earned money and support his child? One of these mothers had her eleventh child on welfare. This is a shame. Why didn't the doctors tie her tubes a long time ago?

Well, another Christmas has come and almost gone, and another year. Many of us have sons and daughters overseas in foreign countries, and some of us with sons and daughters fighting. You have your sons and daughters home with you, safe and sound, at least where you can see and talk to them on a regular basis. Yes, you know these people. Some of you are best friends with these people, them and their families. What have you done for them? Have you sent them a card or a package? They are away from home. It is time for this season to show its love and kindness. And believe me, when your child is away for more than a year, we need all the love and kindness we can get from people. Especially, those who are away and overseas and away from their families. Be thankful your child is where you can put your arms around them and you can tell them "I love you." Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mike, would you please find out for us what happened to Charlie Neece? He used to advertise for Blackwell-Baldwin in Dexter and Poplar Bluff. We haven't saw him in quite a while.

We contacted KFVS and they said that Charlie hasn't been employed there for some time. We contacted Blackwell-Baldwin about his whereabouts and were told that he is now living in Nashville, where he works for a local television station.

This is for Right will win. Our Constitution is not based on the Bible. You need to go back to school. You need to read the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution that has to do with the Bible.

I hope everybody has got their paper from December 9. Read Andy Rooney's column. I believe every word he has written and think everybody else ought to believe it, too. It scares me to death when I let it. I don't like it, but there's nothing we can do about it now.