Speakout 11/29

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dockins Electric Co. has changed their number. I don't know what their new number is but I get 10 to 10 phone calls a day. Please Dockins. Tell them your new number.

We looked in the yellow pages, found Dockins Electric, called both numbers listed and got them both times! Numbers are 472-2518 and 702-2450.

On your No. 6 trivia question, I believe the answer is George Woods that won the silver medal. But, your question is wrong. There have been two Sikeston residents that have won Olympic medals. George Woods coached by Rodney Mansker won a bronze medal in the high hurdles in 1956 or 58 Olympics.

For the man who was in the Service and can't get any help. Go up to Family Services and raise cain with them. There's a lot of them getting help that don't even need it.

I would like to call in regards to the "Did he or didn't he" on Nov. 18th. I would imagine Clinton was just one of the few that got caught. I would not vote for Bush. I don't think he is playing with a full deck and he sure didn't serve in Iraq.

I would like to comment about the Wendell Apartments. I don't think anyone would ever call it a nursing home because it's not. People are there to take care of themselves. There still needs to be someone in the office in case someone wants to get a hold of someone to put a family member in there or inquire about it. If the person handling it has two or three more, let them let one of them go so they can do the job completely on one.