Letter to the Editor

Your view: Doctor praised

Thursday, December 1, 2005

I was one of the physicians at Ferguson Medical Group that recruited Dr. Askew over 30 years ago. The addition of his diligence, compassion and expertise in family practice was sorely needed in a group of mostly specialist.

He and Dr. Ed Masters were practicing in Advance and were lured to Sikeston where they had quick and mostly undocumented consultation from other members of the group. This advantage allowed him to delve into family practice with all his effort. A nucleus was formed to attract other primary care doctors and provide a referral source for the current and future specialist.

We formed a bond personally and professionally that is uncommon in today's hectic world of medical practice. Dr. Askew delivered babies in the early days and expertly provided care for the great majority of medical problems. The patients cared for by him knew that if a speciality problem surfaced they would be referred to the appropriate specialist. Many times the patient was not aware of a telephone conversation that cleared up any doubt he had in a special situation. They were spared the cost of a specialty referral. He, however, was not hesitant to refer cases that he felt would be better served by a specialist. The patients interest were paramount.

My wife, Marianna, and I were devastated to learn of his decision to retire. John and I had a conversation that was soul searching, private and memorable. We wish John and his lovely wife, Carol, the best in retirement. They deserve the best. He will be sorely missed.


Max Heeb MD. F.A.C.S.