Speakout 12/2

Friday, December 2, 2005

There was an article that read entitled Only One concerning the Nov. 16 article entitled TaiKwanDo Advantage. To set the record straight, no the chief instructor of TaiKwanDo Advantage is not the only competitor at the TaiKwanDo Advantage schools. We have several competitors that competed in many events and did exceptionally well, winning plenty of first and second place trophies. If you would read further on our website, we list all the other competitors and places along with more photographs of the tournament, as we know the newspaper has limited space. We always put an action site in the paper as opposed to students standing in front of trophies. Mr. Ivie is featured regularly because after viewing many photographs, his is always the best action shot. True, there was a tie for grand champion. Doug Johnson, who I have known for many years, relinquished his trophy and title to the guest of the tournament. And please, have the brass to sign your name. It would make your comment more credible.

Happy Thanksgiving. I think it's sad that holidays have become so merchandised that all they think about is money, money money. They can't even let employees off to enjoy a meal with their family. No wonder there is shooting in the schools and murder in the cities. Teach our children about the holidays. But how can you teach them when these stores are open? Things are not like they were 50 years ago when people got Christmas and Easter off, Memorial Day, Veterans Day. It's really sad. No wonder things are going wrong. There are no family values anymore or traditions. I feel like the stores are to blame for this.

A lot of people run down people who work in factories, but at least we got off on Thanksgiving and the day after. That's more than some of you got, like the stores and hospital, nursing home, health care facilities. At least the factories do show support for the family.

Is there any place in Sikeston that serves biscuits make from scratch and a real country ham breakfast?

This is to the person who wanted to know what the mentally retarded daughter that worked at the Community Sheltered Workshop was doing with her money that she couldn't afford to go to the dentist. Maybe she was buying her own clothing, maybe she's paying for her own personal hygiene products. There's a lot she could be doing. Maybe she's paying for her own haircut. $50 to $60 a month is nothing.

Why do you keep putting stories about Scott County's website, and then ask us for comments to put on the website and not put the address in the paper?

The address is www.scottcountymo.com