Speakout 12/1

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Because Wal-Mart does not want to run the risk of anybody getting sick from eating food that has been setting out too long, Wal-Mart has to protect themselves from people who try to make a living out of suing someone. And there's always someone trying to sue for something. If you people that are out there knocking Wal-Mart ate chicken that had been setting out too long, you would be running and crying to your lawyer that you got sick from eating food that had set out too long and you would be outraged that Wal-Mart sold you something that made you sick. Also, there are inspectors that come out regularly and check the log books. Yes, they keep log books on the time the food comes out and the temperatures of the food. If that food is kept out there longer than it should be or the temperature is lower than it should be, then Wal-Mart is in trouble. The inspectors do check the food in the cases. The food isn't thrown away because we don't want to sell it. We obviously do want to sell it. The reason that we cook so much is that people come in and we don't have enough chicken. They start complaining, so we started cooking more. So if you're upset about the food being thrown away, then why don't you come in and buy it? Maybe before you start shooting off your mouth, you should know what you are talking about.

I would like to tell the family of Samantha Vaughn, the young lady that passed away, how much condolences I wish them. I have known them for a short while and she was the most wonderful, sweet hard working person I have ever known in my life. I hope one day their pain will be eased. I know it will never go away. She was a wonderful, wonderful person.

I would just like to make it aware that one of the large home improvement stores in America will not be offering Christmas trees this year, but they will be offering holiday trees, to be politically correct. This is from a concerned Christian.

I read a comment from someone in the Nov. 22 SpeakOut saying that Sikeston will be in need of a drug treatment facility in five years. I would totally disagree with that. The answer to the problem would be to get rid of the people who are doing the drugs and overall get rid of the drugs in Sikeston. Let's not give them something they need. Let's just get rid of the drugs.

Would someone that has a good recipe for sweet potato pie put it in SpeakOut?

I would like to speak out to the person who didn't understand why they took Merry Christmas off their windows. They need to think. Not everyone is Christian. There are Jewish, Hanukkah and Kwanza and others. It would kind of put people off not having their holiday recognized. There are other beliefs that celebrate holidays that don't get recognized. Don't be so prejudiced about stores putting up just happy holidays. They are doing it for everyone, not just theirself.