DPS says circulating e-mail is not true

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SIKESTON - A recent e-mail circulating around Sikeston has caught the attention of the Department of Public Safety and an investigation into the contents has proven that it was all a rumor, said Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden.

The e-mail stated an elderly person was attacked while going to her vehicle parked in a handicapped zone right at the front of the Wal-Mart store. It also alleged the woman was fighting with the perpetrator and was assisted by someone with a permit to carry a concealed weapon, who scared the attacker away. The e-mail continued that the police responded but were unable to do anything because of the age of the assailant.

"After reviewing all reports over the last several months and contacting Wal-

Mart officials, this all appears to be a nice little story someone made up as no incidents in which the police responded could be found that were even remotely close to the story that was spread in the e-mail," said Juden. "It makes for good reading, if you like fictitious stories or science fiction is your hobby, but it does cause a lot of work on the other end - similar to what the Scott County Sheriff's Department found out at Kelly School last week."

According to the DPS chief the problem with these types of rumors is they can give the community a bad name, the business a bad image, and perpetuate fallacies that just aren't true. He added DPS had received a number of calls and questions over the last week about the e-mail.

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