SpeakOut 12/7

Friday, December 7, 2007

Call 471-6636

Will the article that was in Sunday's St. Louis paper be in the Sikeston or the Cape paper? I'm referring to the article about the Michelle Lawless murder case. It's a very good article, one that readers in this area would be very interested in. Would like to see it in our local paper.

We're working on it.

It was the night before Christmas in a sleepy New Madrid town. All through the house the dark penetrated the house. Ma told the children as she tucked them into bed there were no Christmas lights this year and they had to burn a fire to warm the house. The hot chocolate was cold with no cookies for the plate. They could not afford to run the electric because there was a high electric rate.

I saw that somebody wanted to know if someone sold Tupperware in Sikeston. I am from the Sikeston area. My number is 475-9595 or 380-5451.

This is concerning the robbery at my daughter's house Nov. 26 or 27, around that area. My daughter has just went through losing her son. My daughter has also went through two grandmas dying within two weeks, and an uncle. And now you want to go rob her house and tear up her house and break things that you don't take. How nice of you! Where were you raised, by monkeys? I mean, you guys need to leave it alone. It's almost Christmas and people are broke. You might even be people that know my daughter and her family, and you still did this. I cannot believe people like you. God is going to look at you one day and you will be punished for everything you're doing. You made this the worse two weeks my daughter had. I hope you're happy with what you got. Somebody is going to get you back and you're going to have it a lot worse than what you did to them. For these people wanting to steal people's stuff, you better think twice. God is coming back and you will have to answer to Him.

I want to comment about a state agency in Sikeston. I worked near Davis Blvd. and there is a state office that is across from Lee Hunter School. Every time I drive by there is trash in their front yard, there's trash in the parking lot. One time I drove by and they had their trashcans out front waiting for the trashman to pick them up and their trash had blown across the median. To be a state agency, it looks pretty tacky on their part. Hopefully they can get it cleaned up and make it look better.

We used to get brownies from Nancy's Sweet Shop when we were kids. Those were the best brownies I've ever had. I wonder if anyone knows the brownie recipe or one that is close to it. I know they have been out of business and closed for a number of years. Just asking.