Speakout 9/25

Monday, September 25, 2006

This is Wednesday afternoon and I was out riding around in Miner, I live in Miner. I was not aware that it was not against the law to be stopped to make a left hand turn, which I was doing, with one of your fine Miner police stopped behind me slowing. She wants to make her a right hand turn behind me. She did not stop to make a right hand turn, she just politely goes around me and makes her a turn behind me. I do believe that's illegal. If I had been the one to do that behind her, I believe she would have made me a ticket. Would Miner Police mind answering that through SpeakOut or maybe I'll just come to the next Miner Board meeting and address this.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Lions Club in New Madrid. I attended their Shake, Rattle and Roll on the river and it was very, very nice. I ate barbecue at the Lion's stand and it was some of the best I had ever eaten. I saw arts and crafts and the fishing tournament seemed to be a huge success. Congratulations Lions Club.

Citizens of Sikeston you will be glad to know that justice is blind if you have an old family name or positions of power. On Sept. 7, I was waiting for the municipal court to open to answer a citation of noise disturbance. I noted a Trail Blazer parked in a parking space that was specified No Parking. There was also a Jeep Wrangler that went through the stop sign that blew his horn that was the Confederate yell. This was blown in front of the police station. There was also a police car that rolled through two stop signs. This all happened within a ten minute time frame. So Lady Justice, please remove your blindfold at least in the city of Sikeston.

I was wondering if anybody could explain to me the strange correlation that occurs this time of year, election time, when gas prices drop and terror levels rise? Can anybody out there explain that? I don't get it.

Could you please tell me why the City Council listed bids for the street program in March and the contractor waits until school starts 6 months later to begin construction? Do they have a time limit to get the job done? Does the city tell the contractor when to go to work on the project? Also why is the contractor that bid the job not doing the job? Why is another contractor doing the work on those projects?

According to City Manager, Doug Friend, the only construction currently underway is on Trotter Street. All other construction was completed prior to the beginning of school. Also, Friend said if the city believes it is necesaary to have to have a project completed, they will include a specific time in the contract in which to have it done. Contractors may sub-contract a job it they so choose.