Speakout 10/27

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I just want to encourage everyone to come out to pet parade downtown on the 29th. It will be great for people who don't even have pets. Bring your kids.

This is more than one call I have made about the Complex area in Sikeston. There's an area that used to be where the Little League Football scores were kept. That is an eyesore and it is also dangerous. Someone will fall off of there and they are gonna get hurt. That's number one. Number two is, could the park please get a fountain like the other parks have to add aesthetics to the complex.

Could we think about renaming North Ingram to North Rodeo Drive? The rodeo is held on it. The south could stay Ingram, but change the north part. It's a point to ponder.

This is to the Cracker Jack's person, you go! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to go ahead and ram them. These people who are driving all these bigger vehicles, such as the Hummers and the SUV's and those high rise trucks, they really do need to be rammed from time to time.

Listen up you yard vandalism. I'm watching you. Would you please stay out of my yard and leave my stuff alone? Mind your own business and go your own way. I don't know who you are, but would you stay out of my yard and quit tearing things up in my yard. I appreciate it very much.

I'm calling for the second time about my neighbors parking in my yard. I have a large yard and they continue to park in it, messing up my yard, messing up my grass. One lady even had the nerve to clean her truck in my yard. I don't appreciate it. They have more than enough room in their yard to park in. The people that park in my yard, they have visitors physically disabled. Wouldn't it be easier for them to park in their own yard and walk up to the door? If they have no where to park, then they shouldn't come over there. They shouldn't be visiting. I know they don't live there, they just visit. I don't appreciate it. It makes it hard for me to mow and hard to keep my yard clean. If this continues, I will take it up with the city officials.

Don't complain to us. Call the city today.

I consider myself to be pretty observant and since I am observant, for the last four or five years I've been observing a number of vehicles that are heading west on Malone at the intersection of Malone and Selma where you turn to go in to the airport. Countless times cars come up and they're stopped there and there are other cars passing on the righthand side, where it's not a lane. They're using the lane illegally. They go ahead and make their righthand turn. I've talked to a few other people and they've observed the same thing. But, it just beats the hell out of me that none of our policemen ever observe a thing like that. Maybe they need to learn that there is a difference in just looking and observing. Think you can print this and get something done about this? Somebody is gonna get hurt there one of these days.

Good Morning. I'm calling concerning all these vaccines they are giving for all these different types of diseases. Hey, if the President would realize and stop all this foreign trade and immigrants coming from Asia, Africa and all the other foreign lands, I don't think we would have all the problems we have with disease. But, whenever you import and export goods, there is gonna be germs on those packages, as well as bugs and other kinds of varmints. I think they need to stop and realize if you would quit trading with these foreign countries and have our own manufacturing plants, people would have jobs and there would be no diseases.