Speakout 1/22

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm calling about all the cheating that everyone says is going on. I would like to know where all these women are who cheat because I would like to meet one of them. If you could call back in and let me know where I can meet some of you all at.

Have you thought about waiting outside of divorce court?

I read an article in the Mississippi County Times entitled "Sheriff's Department defends budget." In this article the sheriff's department said they can save money on meals prepared in-house for inmates than by hiring a food service then stated the quantity and quality would not be the same that the inmates are getting now. I had to laugh. Who cares? Isn't jail suppose to be at times unpleasant? Maybe if the food wasn't so good some of these inmates would decide to get their lives together and stay out jail. I don't know, just a thought.

A 13-year-old boy is in fact someone's child. And those children at Columbine were in fact just kids. They did something wrong and were held accountable for it. You cannot compare what those kids there did to this 13-

year-old boy. He is accused/charged with murder. He has not been found guilty. That is what the court system is for, to determine the guilt or innocence of a person. Who are you to judge or decide someone's fate? Yes, our society is corrupt, but not in the way you describe. Our society is corrupted with illiterate and closed-minded individuals who are quick to judge. Ask yourself this: What if it was your child? How dare you speak of something you know absolutely nothing about? All you read is what is in the paper or see on the news and apparently you do not comprehend what you are reading, because he has only been charged with a crime. This kid's parents must be going through a lot of pain right now and all anyone can do about it is state their unwanted and ignorant opinions. God forbid he judges you as quickly as you seem to judge others. God bless this boy and his family and know they are in my prayers.

One day I heard two ladies telling some of their church friends not to support a small grocery store because it sells beer and if they did it would be a sin. One week later, I saw them at Wal-Mart buying their groceries - and it sells beer, too. I believe they are jealous of the people that have the small grocery store. People like that make the true Christians look bad. Practice what you preach.