Letter to the Editor

Your view: Kennett responds

Thursday, May 25, 2006

So recently, Mr. Moore spoke against Kennett baseball, which is understandable- he was for his town in his article. However, after he states that we are not "big time" and that we will not show up in winning a district title, he had the audacity to sit in Kennett's bleachers.

But, I guess it wasn't tacky enough for him to do that, because he also made unnecessary remarks on the MoSports.com message board. Apparently from his article today he loves seeing Kennett fired up, which is why I guess he made the remark that we "have not had much to cheer for in a long time". With that right there he is trying to paste a label on this town saying nothing good comes out of it. Does he know very little or what? Seems to me that he should know more about our town since it's become his new weekly ritual to piss us off. I figured he was southern enough to have respect, I'm guessing he's not originally from Sikeston.

Anyway, he can e-mail me anytime to catch any scoop going on in Kennett for next weeks article.

Sally McVey

P.S. "Let's get real"- Sheryl has earned nine grammys- only three of them came from "Tuesday Night Music Club"- Not sure on why you think her best work was then, guess you can't keep up.