Speakout 7/27

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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This might not make any sense to people who write in to SpeakOut about farmers burning their fields, but it helps eliminate bugs that can contaminate the foods that you eat. And also the farmers pay taxes that help welfare people that draw checks that help them when they don't have a job to support their own families. They also pay taxes that you people live off of until you people find your own jobs. You ought to think about that. Who pays your taxes that helps pay your welfare checks?

Well folks, I just read where there won't be anymore cheap oil as long as China's booming. And the free trade deal is what done it. We're buying everything they make. Wal-Mart is just a Chinese outlet. They're bidding against us on the oil market and they're booming. Bush Sr. tried to get that free trade deal through and he couldn't do it. Slick Willy got in and he got it through. So you see, both sides are to blame. It's hurting us poor people especially. High-dollar oil from now on. This ethanol ain't any good. It takes too much of it and you burn a lot more of it so you don't save anything. The poor's got a rough way to go.